Tips for buying a new car for your business

Starting a new business is an exciting journey, and as a new entrepreneur, every decision you make can have a significant impact on your venture’s success.

Barend Smit, Marketing Director of MotorHappy, a supplier of motor management solutions, says when selecting a new car for your business, choose a vehicle that is in line with your business needs and be sure to factor in the overall cost of ownership. This means considering expenses like car services, insurance, and maintenance.

“For all businesses but especially a startup, keeping operation costs in check is essential. Choose a vehicle with low maintenance costs and excellent fuel efficiency. Research the average maintenance expenses for different models,” Smit advises.

The age-old debate of new versus used cars has its merits. New cars often come with the latest features, a warranty, and the assurance of a clean history. On the other hand, used cars can provide cost savings. Consider your budget, business image and specific needs when deciding on a new or used car. “If you’re opting for a used vehicle, ask the dealership or specialists, like our MotorHappy agents, to help you estimate the cost of a service plan and extended warranty,” he says.

Your business vehicle is a mobile representation of your brand. Consider the image you want to portray and choose a vehicle that aligns with your business identity. Whether it’s a sleek and modern look or a more practical and rugged appearance, your car can contribute to the overall perception of your brand.

“Investigate the resale value of the cars you’re considering,” continues Smit. “Some vehicles hold their value better than others, which can be a crucial factor when it’s time to upgrade your business vehicle or if you need to sell.”

Before making any final decisions, test drive potential cars. This hands-on experience can help you assess comfort, handling and other features. Additionally, conduct thorough research by reading reviews, comparing prices, and checking the reliability ratings of different models.

Choosing the right car for your startup is a decision that involves careful consideration. Prioritise car maintenance and factor in the cost of regular car services to ensure you make a decision that aligns with your budget and business goals.