Announcement on the future of e-tolls

We refer to the Government Gazette 50418, published 28 March 2024 regarding the withdrawal of the toll declaration of National roads, referred colloquially as the e-toll roads.

The above Government Gazette gives effect to the declaration of the Gauteng e-toll routes, to non-e-toll as of the 11th April 2024 at 23:59:59 hrs. Your SANRAL Account will no longer be billed for e-toll fees/transactions that occur after this date and time, whilst passing under the e-toll gantries. No action is required from your side as all processes are automatically updated.

Your SANRAL account is still valid, all tags can be utilised as a toll payment method at conventional toll plazas countrywide and for parking payments if you have opted in for this service. SANRAL accounts will remain active and working as long as the Mobility/Tag Account have sufficient funds and are topped-up. It is important to note that all transactions that occur prior to the 12th April 2024 are required to be paid and will be billed accordingly to your SANRAL account.

As the implementing authority, SANRAL has not received any information regarding the re-funding and/or prosecution of outstanding e-toll fees. Once an instruction has been received in this regard from its political principle, SANRAL will inform its customers accordingly.

The e-toll invoices will be rolled up until the last day, being the 11th April 2024 at 23:59:59 hrs that road users are obligated to pay for e-toll transactions and those invoices will be issued as per standard processes.

SANRAL Account Holders that make use of tags at conventional toll plazas will continue to receive their statements for those transactions. Please continue to service your Account as SANRAL tags will still work as a payment method at the conventional toll plazas.

The gantry lights and cameras will remain on as the infrastructure will be used for various road safety initiatives, however it is important to note that the tag will no longer beep after the 11th April 2024 on the e-toll network.

We appreciate your commitment to paying your e-tolls and understand the urgency required on relaying information regarding this decision. As soon as the details of the decision have been received, we will communicate a way forward.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard and should you require additional information or further clarification, please contact us via:

  • The SANRAL Mobile App (This can be downloaded from your Android, IOS or Huawei Gallery). 
  • The SANRAL website,
  • By e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Through the Call Centre, 0800 726 725 (6am - 10pm).