New YouGov Survey Results Unveiled Today During Freedom of Mobility Forum

YouGov, in partnership with the Freedom of Mobility Forum, released exclusive results of a new survey measuring the appetite for change in mobility habits for respondents across five countries.

The results were unveiled live during the second annual Freedom of Mobility Forum and fueled the fact-based discussions with the international panel of experts and university students from three continents.

Key Takeaways:

  • 1 in 4 global citizens are not ready to make eco-friendly transportation choices. This is particularly notable in the USA, where more than half the respondents in rural areas said they were not ready to change anything.
  • While 3 in 4 individuals are gearing up for greener options, less than 10% have already made profound changes, signaling that we are only just beginning to rev up for bigger changes ahead.
  • 6 in 10 citizens are ready to ditch ‘driver only’ transportation, but the enthusiasm varies across the map, with India, Brazil, and Morocco leading the charge. That compares with 50% or less willingness in mature markets – a factor that drops to 28% in rural areas in the USA, where mass transit can be less available.
  • Who’s steering this green revolution? It’s perceived to be in the hands of lawmakers and citizens, with companies trailing, except in the USA.
  • Don’t overlook the power of young generations! 1 in 4 global citizens believe they hold the key to our green future, with a significant 40% in India believing they can spearhead change.

“Although the youth will likely be influential in driving change for greener transportation, their actions are not yet more tangible than the rest of the population,” said YouGov General Manager Alexandre Devineau. “Their choices – and the dynamic resulting from them – will have a strong influence on the transportation challenges that will have to be addressed worldwide.”


  • Survey run in January 2024 in five countries: Brazil, France, India, Morocco, United States
  • Based on three closed questions linked to the topic of the Freedom of Mobility Forum discussion
  • Reached 5,095 respondents (~1,000 per country, representative of the national population aged 18+)

Conceived by Stellantis as an open forum for the public to hear a broad range of perspectives as society faces the mobility challenges of the future, the Freedom of Mobility Forum’s second annual live debate promises to bring diverse – and possibly controversial – opinions. Today’s event is facilitated by a neutral third-party and explores how planetary limits could reshape freedom of mobility from technology, business, and lifestyle perspectives. 

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