How much does it cost to Armour your Vehicle?

South Africa has long grappled with high crime rates, but recent statistics paint a stark picture of the escalating security concerns facing its citizens.

According to recent crime data, over 7,700 people fell victim to murder in the last two months of 2023 alone, marking a concerning 2.1% increase compared to the previous year. Additionally, car hijackings remain a rampant issue, with over 60 vehicles stolen daily across the country.

In light of these alarming figures, many South Africans are seeking ways to safeguard themselves and their families from becoming statistics in the country's crime wave. One company offering an extra layer of Defence is Armoured Mobility. Specializing in the production, retail, and leasing of bulletproof vehicles, However, the question remains: Can South Africans afford armoured vehicles? At Armoured Mobility we are offering a wide spectrum of armoured solutions to tailor to our customer needs and have recently introduced affordable options such as the B4 Armoured SUV Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max, priced at R1.3 million, and offering flexible financing plans for those earning over R100,000 a month.

The pricing varies as it depends on the make of the vehicle and the customized armouring elements and add-ons required, which are built onto the vehicle.

Before going into the price points, it is important to understand the different protection levels, primarily B4 and B6, which are allowed for civilian usage. B4 vehicles are designed to withstand handgun threats, while B6 vehicles offer enhanced protection against high-powered rifle threats.

The table below gives a summary of the two levels of protection offered, including additional weight considerations:

Protection Level

Firearm Protection

Additional Weight

Ballistic Material Used


9mm, .40, .45, .357


Kevlar & B4 Ballistic Glass


AK47s, R1 rifles, Sniper rifles


Reinforced Ballistic Steel and B6 ballistic Glass

Unlike other armoured brands in SA, Armoured Mobility offers a comprehensive complete 360-degree armouring solution, including the roof, firewall (for B6 builds), the pillars, and the cabin. While the team at Armoured Mobility allows for customization of the armouring, a strong recommendation by their experts is to take the complete armouring package so that occupants get the most protection without any weak spots.

How much would it cost to armour your vehicle? The below table gives a comprehensive look at the price of protection levels offered through Armoured Mobility:

Here's the pricing table for Armoured Mobility's Premium Discreet Range with B4 protection:

Vehicle Type

B4 Protection (R)


From 694,900

Luxury Sedans

From 720,000


From 659,900 to 849,900

Passenger Vehicle

From 849,900


From 479,900 to 639,900

Armoured Mobility's Premium Discreet Range with B6 protection:

Vehicle Type

B6 Protection (R)

Luxury Sedan

From 1,400,000


From 1,180,000 to 1,450,000

Passenger Vehicle

From 1,550,000


From 499,900 to 1,050,000

Armoured Mobility's Security Range with B6 protection: 

Vehicle Type

B6 Protection (R) with 360-Degree Security (Including Curved Windscreen)









This table provides a clear breakdown of the costs associated with armouring vehicles with both B4 and B6 protection levels. In conclusion, while the cost of armoured vehicles may seem prohibitive for many South Africans, the invaluable protection they offer against the country's escalating crime rates cannot be overstated. With ongoing efforts to enhance affordability and accessibility, Armoured Mobility remains committed to providing citizens with the peace of mind they deserve in an increasingly uncertain country.