Renault puts Safety First through partnerships with the Road Traffic Management Corporation and Bakwena N1N4 Toll Road Concessionaire

As an established Global entity within the top 5 Passenger Car brands in South Africa, safety is a strong brand pillar for Renault prioritising stringent safety standards within vehicle production and brand initiatives.

Renault has been optimising existing safety systems and developing new ones for more than 50 years.  The brand has filed over 7,000* safety patents since 1970, according to the director of the Laboratory of Accidentology, Biomechanics and Human Behaviour (LAB)

(*2,000 safety patents filed since 1969; *5,000 safety patents filed in 17 countries).

The Human First Program established early in 2023 was designed in conjunction with researchers and experts in the field of safety with one strong objective in mind: to improve the safety of all road users. 

The Human First programme focuses on three key safety-related priorities:

  1. Preventing accidents by developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and safety equipment. 
  2. Managing Road Accidents more effectively by establishing a unique partnership with firefighters across Europe.  In South Africa Renault’s partnership with the Road Traffic Management Corporation and Bakwena N1N4 Concessionaire represents the local activation of the expressed focus on road safety.
  3. Investments in R&D in developing onboard technologies in Renault vehicles to have a positive impact on driver behaviour

Our diverse vehicle range meets the gazetted South African safety standard measures, with numerous vehicles within the Renault stable holding the highest 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Renault vehicles are developed with advanced safety features that aim to protect not only the driver and occupants of the vehicle, but pedestrians and all road users alike. 

Renault is committed to reducing the number and severity of accidents that occur on a daily basis on our congested roads, with a specific focus around the holiday period where our major arterials are extremely busy with the seasonal traffic flow between provinces.

In order to deploy the Human First Program with local resonance at a time unfortunately associated with a high incidence of road accidents, we are pleased to announce our partnership with prominent entities such as the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) and Bakwena N1N4 Toll Road Concessionaire (Bakwena), who are dedicated to the cause of road safety.  A fleet of twelve vehicles were handed over to these entities this week, on Tuesday, 12th December.

The RTMC plays a critical role in managing route surveillance, crash assistance and patrol support on our South African roads.  The provision of six branded Renault Captur vehicles which offer 5-star safety with advanced driver assistance safety features, will stand the organisation in good stead in bolstering their efforts and strong presence on the N3 routes over this critical period, in order to instil responsible road usage behaviour.

“As a lead agency on road safety in South Africa, the RTMC welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with Renault to pursue a common goal of reducing the number of crashes and fatalities on our roads.  This partnership is not for the festive season only.  We envisage that we will continue to work together for the rest of the year to reduce crashes on our roads daily,” said RTMC CEO Adv Makhosini Msibi

Bakwena is responsible for managing and maintaining a safe and reliable road infrastructure along the N1 and N4 highway routes within the Limpopo, Gauteng and North West provinces, with increased efforts over their Festive Season Campaign, to ensure greater road monitoring presence to promote driver vigilance.

This partnership is a longstanding one, with the holding company of Renault SA, the Motus Group, having been involved with Bakwena in excess of twelve years which strongly demonstrates the group’s commitment to safety.

The supply of six branded Renault Clio vehicles which are also acclaimed with 5-star Euro NCAP safety status to Bakwena, is intended to boost their existing route patrols over the festive period which assist with route surveillance, crash scenes as well as providing road users in distress with assistance. 

Our combined focus across Renaut South Africa, the Road Traffic Management Corporation and Bakwena is one of SAFETY FIRST, and we urge all motorists and road users to be responsible over this holiday period to reduce road accidents and fatalities as far as possible.