Prepare for Holiday Road Trips with Some Fast and Some Fun Facts from Tiger Wheel & Tyre

In a world of constant change, isn’t it nice to know that some things never change? Like the fact that when 16 December rolls around each year, literally every South African is officially in holiday mode!

Are you driving to your holiday destination this year? Tiger Wheel & Tyre is ready to tackle the journey with you. Let’s start with some fast facts and some fun facts.


Fast fact: If you drive with under-inflated tyres, you’ll put extra wear into the tyres, risk tyre failure, and increase your petrol consumption! Stop at Tiger Wheel & Tyre before you hit the road, and let’s inspect and inflate your tyres properly. 

Fun tyre fact: The world’s largest tyre manufacturer is… drumroll… Lego! Thanks to its popular toy sets, the Danish toy company produces more (tiny) tyres than any other manufacturer.  

Wiper Blades

Fast fact: Over time, wiper blades become brittle and lose flexibility. This causes ineffective wiping, leaving behind water, dirt and debris on the windscreen. Replace worn-out wipers with brand new Bosch wipers at Tiger Wheel & Tyre, and get a clear line-of-sight while driving in the wet. 

Fun fact: Windscreen wipers were invented in 1905 by a woman, Mary Anderson. How many marriages do you think ended before that, with the words: “Honey, grab that rag and give the window a wipe”?


Fast fact: Alloy wheels are so called because they are made from alloy metals – a combination of aluminium and other materials. This provides the optimal balance between strength and lightness, as well as better performance and looks!

Fun fact: Before alloy, wheels were made from steel, a much heavier, less fuel efficient and far less attractive solution than the stylish alloy wheels sold at Tiger Wheel & Tyre. 


Fast fact: Car batteries typically last three to four years, but depending on the climate you live in, how often you drive, and how many accessories you plug in, yours could last as long as six or as little as one year. Need a battery? Tiger Wheel & Tyre has you covered with batteries from AtlasBX and Duracell. 

Fun fact: Revving the car engine while jump-starting another car does not provide more power to the dead battery. In fact, excessive revving can damage the electrical systems in modern cars.

Are you ready to roll, South Africa? Find your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre at, stop in for your free vehicle safety check, then let’s journey together!