Compact power pack for demanding applications: The new Clark low-lift truck PWio20 with lithium-ion technology

Clark presents a completely newly developed electric low-lift pallet truck with lithium-ion technology (Li-Ion). The vehicle with the model designation PWio20 has a load capacity of 2000 kg and is designed for more demanding applications in pedestrian operation. The compactly designed pallet truck is extremely manoeuvrable and demonstrates its capabilities particularly when transporting heavy loads in goods distribution, production or in the warehouse.

The pallet truck is supplied with a long-life and powerful Li-Ion battery and an integrated charger. The Li-Ion battery has a capacity of 24 volts (100 Ah) and can be recharged at any time and within a very short time - for example during breaks - without damaging the battery or shortening its life. The battery can be recharged at any 230-volt socket. This gives the pallet truck a high level of availability and means it can also be used for multi-shift operations. With Li-Ion technology, the operator not only benefits from high productivity. He also saves costs for maintenance, infrastructure, and replacement batteries. This makes a Li-Ion vehicle worthwhile for anyone who wants to operate a maintenance-free, long-lasting, and fast-charging battery with a high safety standard.

Versatile and powerful

The PWio20 is equipped with a maintenance-free, enclosed 1.6 kW three-phase traction motor. This ensures powerful acceleration and a high travel speed of up to 5.5 km/h. The low-lift truck scores with its compact design and good manoeuvrability. The turning radius is 1320 mm. Its chassis length measures just 470 mm (L2 dimension) with an overall width of 714 mm and a tare weight of 280 kg. This makes the PWio20 extremely light and compact and ideally suited for use in confined work areas, such as storage zones or sales rooms, or for taking along on the truck. The optimised side support rollers also give the vehicle excellent stability and climbing ability when transporting materials on uneven surfaces and ramps.

Intuitive and safe operation

For intuitive and fatigue-free operation of the vehicle, all controls are positioned within easy reach in the ergonomic tiller and can be operated by both right-handed and left-handed operators. Due to the purely electric lifting and lowering, the operator can move heavy loads ergonomically and efficiently without much physical effort. For a high level of safety during operation, the vehicle brakes automatically when the tiller is released.

Low operating costs through easy maintenance

The use of proven AC controllers makes the PWio20 pallet truck an extremely maintenance-friendly warehouse helper. However, should a malfunction occur, the error code indication in the display provides the service technician with information about the possible cause. The truck offers easy access for service and maintenance work. In addition, the service technician can easily programme all driving parameters via the vehicle display.