Toyota's vehicle subscription platform KINTO ONE begins to accelerate in SA

When you subscribed to your favourite music, movies and series platforms, a new horizon of entertainment opened up before your very eyes. When you subscribed to your local gym, a future of health and wellness was at your disposal. Now, you can subscribe to your car, putting all the hassle of vehicle ownership aside to enjoy freedom with fewer limitations.

The future of mobility is here as Toyota continues to roll out its revolutionary KINTO ONE subscription service in South Africa. This comprehensive full-service and affordable pay-for-use subscription provides individuals and businesses with the advantage of driving new cars without the need for ownership.

Launched in July 2022, the introductory offer was set at R2,999 per month for 12 months (18,000km) on a Toyota Vitz 1.0 manual. KINTO ONE has already seen explosive growth in the South African market, both from a consumer and trade perspective.

In just over a year, hundreds of customers have subscribed to a new Toyota, with the subscriber base growing steadily month-on-month showing a great demand for mobility subscriptions in South Africa.

According to Slade Thompson GM Sales & Marketing, Kinto One at Toyota South Africa Motors, KINTO ONE combines the convenience of driving a vehicle along with a comprehensive package covering service and maintenance, all bundled into a single monthly payment.

“What sets this service apart is its flexibility, subscribers can modify the monthly mileage and contract duration at any point during the agreement, providing unmatched adaptability in the realm of vehicle leasing.”

By paying a single monthly payment, which includes the mobility subscription, all scheduled vehicle services and maintenance are covered, meaning you can manage your finances with peace of mind and without the risk of unforeseen costs.

A vehicle subscription service like KINTO ONE offers several advantages, including no upfront costs, predictable monthly payments, and the convenience of an all-inclusive package covering service, maintenance, insurance, and more. Additionally, it also allows for 24-hour roadside assistance with a towing service, as well as a stolen vehicle recovery service that comes standard with all vehicles.

Thompson says KINTO ONE is not only for individual consumers but is also set up for fleet managers. “Businesses can meet their mobility needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner. They can subscribe to vehicles for corporate transportation, employee mobility solutions, or even short-term projects.”

This service allows businesses access to a fleet of reliable Toyota vehicles without the burden of vehicle ownership, helping them streamline their operations and focus on their core activities.

Be it for business or pleasure, vehicle subscriptions are here to stay.