Council brings farmers closer to tractor-maker than ever before

The establishment of a council of dealers for Kubota tractors several years ago is having a significantly positive effect on product supply and support for farmers today. It is ensuring a wide-open line of communication between farmers and the Japanese manufacturer.

This means that customer’s needs and requirements can be communicated around the country to the local distributor, Smith Power Equipment, or escalated to Kubota head office where needed and in so doing shortening the chain of communication.

According to Dennis van der Merwe, Kubota national sales manager for Smith Power Equipment, the benefits of this streamlined communication are many and equates to improved localisation of products and faster response to events or trends emerging in the market where modifications may be required or where spares and parts may be needed to address localised requirements.

“The floods in the Western Cape are a perfect example of the council in action. Rapid decisions needed to be made to assist farmers, advice on flooded equipment was sought, spares and parts needed to be moved around and this was quickly and effectively taken care of by the council.

“Our dealer network covers almost every corner of the country and this type of success shows the importance of constant interaction. In this way we are helping our customers on far-flung farms, in municipalities and industry to respond to opportunities as they arise.

“Chatter through the council also assists dealers to track new trends and share best practices from other regions where, for example, farmers are using our equipment in different ways and applying it to other crops or livestock. Most importantly we are giving customers a stronger voice and enabling dealers in different regions to excel in supplying their farmers with the right solutions,” says Dennis. 

Phillip Fabricius of Fabricius Meganiese Dienste is the council’s Western Cape dealer principle and says that as a dealer you don’t always have all the answers and when farmers and other customers

turn to you for assistance it helps to have wide ranging support from our entire network. This same network also assists the dealers to be more successful.

“We have many examples of assisting farmers and equally many successes in turning Kubota dealers’ fortunes into success stories. Many of these instances are as a result of our Kubota council which is run by the dealers for the dealers and in service of our valued customers in industry as well as our loyal customer base of farmers.”