SVI launches advanced level B4 armour for Toyota Land Cruiser 30

SVI Engineering, leading specialist manufacturer of armoured products, has launched an advanced new Level B4 discreet package for the popular Toyota Land Cruiser 300, implementing enhanced measures to further minimise any potential ballistic gaps.

Offering upgraded 360-degree B4 protection against handguns (up to .44 Magnum), the Bashewa-based firm’s discreetly armoured J300-generation SUV represents the ideal anti-hijack solution.

“Having taken delivery of one of the very first Land Cruiser 300s to enter the South African market back in 2021, our development process has been nothing short of rigorous. While we’ve since armoured several units to Level B6, this is the first example of our further-improved Level B4 solution, here applied to the Japanese brand’s menacing GR-Sport derivative,” said SVI Business Development Director, Nicol Louw.


What makes this latest advanced Level B4 concealed package different? Well, drawing on their vast experience developing bullet-resistant solutions for a wide variety of vehicles, SVI’s engineers extended the standard package to include overlaps around all door closures, the windscreen, the rear screen and all windows, further minimising any potential ballistic gaps.

In addition, while Kevlar – which is precisely cut and bonded to the large areas of sheet metal – is the lightweight composite armouring material of choice for such a package, SVI’s version also includes armoured-steel plates in various smaller, otherwise more vulnerable spots, such as the pillars.

Offering comprehensive protection for the entire passenger cell – all the way to and including the tailgate – SVI’s B4-armoured Land Cruiser 300 remains a fully fledged seven-seater SUV. Full protection for the vehicle’s sensor package (as well as for various critical under-bonnet components) is furthermore included, along with front-fender armour. All standard windows are replaced with imported 21 mm ballistic glass, carefully curved to original-equipment specification and appearance.

Since the additional weight of the armouring components comes to only approximately 350 kg, the body-on-frame SUV does not require a suspension upgrade. Similarly, thanks to the minimal overall mass added by SVI’s advanced Level B4 package, the standard door hinges are likewise retained.


The 360-degree B4 armouring solution for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is priced from R771 930 (excluding VAT), while the list of options includes items such as B4 roof armour, B4 floor armour, a PA system, heavy-duty runflat rings for the tyres and SVI’s recently launched luxury-seat conversion package.

The build time is set at approximately three months. SVI also offers a full B6 discreet package – providing protection against assault rifles, including R1, R5 and AK47 – which is priced from R1 060 369 (excluding VAT).

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 360-degree B4 armour – R771 930 (ex VAT)
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 360-degree B6 armour – R1 060 369 (ex VAT)