Citroën holidays reinvents the van life with style

Citroën has chosen to present its Type Holidays van at the Düsseldorf Caravan Show, one of the world's leading leisure vehicle events, set to run this year from 25 August to 3 September 2023.

The concept combines the iconic Citroën Type H with the more modern SpaceTourer, resulting in an interior arrangement that will soon be available across the Citroën network, through a range that will be called "Holidays".. Citroën has always been inspired by the idea of freedom and sharing, and it was quite naturally that it should strengthen its commitment to this fast-growing market by building on the qualities of the SpaceTourer.


Since it was founded, Citroën is a popular brand that promotes freedom of movement. The brand has the know-how to develop practical, ingenious and affordable models that are synonymous with escape and leisure.

Citroën's recognised legitimacy in the world of leisure makes it a key player in the market: it is the second largest supplier of motorhome-based vehicles in Europe. It wanted to showcase this heritage by presenting a SpaceTourer vehicle in the guise of a Type H, based on the work of Italian coachbuilder Caselani. This loyal Citroën partner has already created a number of “neo-retro” body styles for Citroën models. “Van life” is a different way of travelling. So with a vehicle like the Type Holidays teaser that really stands out from the crowd, you're in for a real treat. Its unique design, like its grey colour, is a nod to Citroën's legendary Type H, the famous “Tube”.

SpaceTourer's modern design is a natural invitation to travel in a different way, alone or with others, free of all constraints. Citroën had already made a few initial forays into camper van territory on several previous occasions with concept vehicles such as Hyphen, Rip Curl and The Citroënist. It now looks to build on this success by expanding its business in the fast-growing camper van market. The Type Holidays teaser heralds a more powerful commitment from the brand through a comprehensive offering “Holidays” that will be available across the Citroën network.

This investment is a response to a real social phenomenon. Lovers of freedom and nature, those who are keen to open the door and contemplate a fabulous landscape from their bed, and people who want their independence while at the same time being mindful of their budget… numerous people are switching to camper vans. It can go practically anywhere – it is less than 2 m high – which means it can fit into car parks (in town as well as at the beach) and be used on a day-to-day basis, all year round. It now accounts for around 90,000 new vehicles every year in Europe – that's more than half of all leisure vehicle sales. “Van life” is highly popular among younger people and offers unrestricted freedom to travel, but with all the comfort essentials you need on a competitive budget.


Van Life also owes its success to all the progress that has been made in terms of layout and comfort. With this vehicle, camping is now chic – in line with the “glamping” trend. The Citroën Type Holidays offers all the advantages of the Citroën SpaceTourer: spaciousness, comfort, quiet operation, two sliding side doors for easy access and ventilation, an independently opening tailgate window, and more. Everything that up to four people might need to get away from it all.

Citroën has called on one of the world's leading specialists to kit out the van: Bravia Mobil. This Slovenian company gave the Citroën Type Holidays all the equipment needed for an ideal travel experience:

  • A pop-up roof that allows you to stand upright in the living space inside the Citroën Type Holidays and which houses a large bed to accomodate two people in night mode.
  • A two-row bench seat that opens up to form a comfortable two-person bed. And this bench seat is completely removable to free up storage space.
  • Two front seats that swivel round towards the living area of the vehicle.
  • A complete kitchenette (cooking area, sink, fridge)
  • A folding table for dining or working, and several cupboards for storing your belongings.
  • A Webasto heating system to ensure optimum temperature on board.

On show from 25 August to 3 September at the Düsseldorf Caravan Show - the most international leisure vehicle show - the Citroën Type Holidays teaser promises a distinctive travelling experience. With its retro exterior and modern interior, it's the ideal companion for a stylish getaway in total freedom! It will be ushering in a comprehensive range called “Holidays” that will soon be available across the Citroën network.