Win with SABOA Fleet Safety Awards

There are just a few days left to enter the SABOA Fleet Safety Awards! The Awards were designed specifically for the bus industry and the unique challenges operators and fleet managers face within this sphere. Consequently, these Awards seek to recognise and reward those responsible for playing a role in creating safer roads.

The SABOA Fleet Safety Awards are a first-of-its-kind in southern Africa. The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explains: “Despite buses playing a major role in moving people around, whether locally or long-distance, little attention is given to organisations that do this safely. The Awards are the first step toward recognising the efforts of operators and fleet managers in ensuring the safety of both passengers and drivers.

“If your organisation prioritises road safety to create a business that others can take an example from, submit your name into the running. After the first-round closes, no further entries can be submitted. If you received entry into the second round, you can still finish completing your entry.”

Not only will models of road safety be recognised but rewarded with considerable prizes. “Those who do their part to improve the dismal road fatality stats South Africa is infamous for, can win valuable prizes. The title of Best Fleet Manager is sweetened by adding a financial appreciation to the pot as well.

“The winner of Best Fleet Manager will win a R10 000 cash prize. Additionally, they will receive a fleet management course to take their skills to an even higher level. The winner of the Best Operator category wins the floating trophy, aptly named after an illustrious figure dedicated to improving road safety, who will be revealed at the Awards.”

The ultimate goal of the Awards is to promote road safety. “It is an ideal opportunity to encourage, reward and promote a culture of safety amongst those who hold the safety of so many passengers within their hands. MasterDrive looks forward to awarding these individuals and organisations for the first time,” says Herbert.