Seven reasons why car servicing is important

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, or its age, servicing your car regularly is important for the health of the car as well as for driver and passenger safety. However, when your car is running just fine without any problems, a car service can feel like a grudge purchase.

“Wear and tear occurs over time as you drive your car, so you might not feel or see that the vehicle needs work. This lures many motorists into a false sense of security, and they think it’s fine to drive the car past its service due date. Servicing your car as per the manufacturer’s recommendation helps keep it in perfect condition and any potential problems can be identified and dealt with before they become bigger and more costly issues,” points out Barend Smit, Marketing Director of MotorHappy, a supplier of motor management solutions and car insurance options.

“Avoiding car services as a way of saving money is a false saving plan. If routine maintenance is ignored, it could result in bigger problems. For example, engine oil protects the moving parts of the engine. If your car runs out of oil, or the oil becomes too old, this could cause major damage to the engine.”

Below, Smit highlights seven key benefits of regular car servicing:

  • Prolong the life of your car: Fresh fluids, like engine oil and brake fluid, and new components ensure the car is running at its best.
  • Better resale value: Cars with a full service history have a higher resale value because there is a proven track record of the vehicle’s overall health.
  • Improved fuel economy: Engine efficiency is improved, saving on petrol costs.
  • Identify any problems before they become major issues: Services help to flag any issues, so you can repair them before they become bigger problems.
  • Increases safety: When all engine components are in good condition, the car can handle better.
  • Improves vehicle performance: More stable steering, a reliable engine, and responsive brakes are all benefits of a regular car servicing, which translate into improved vehicle performance.
  • Maintain your vehicle’s warranty: If your car still has a manufacturer warranty, regular car servicing is one of the conditions of this warranty.

One way to manage the cost of car services is to invest in a Service Plan. With a Service Plan, all recommended services are taken care of by qualified professionals. Smit continues, “A service plan is a convenient way of budgeting with an affordably monthly payment plan. Some Service Plans also include free roadside assistance, towing, car hire or overnight accommodation, tyre change, locksmith and more.”