Webfleet: Global Road Safety Week

Road crashes have cost the country an average of R164-billion over the past five years, and account for a significant portion of unnatural deaths. According to Transport Minister Lydia Chikunga, there was a 28% increase in road fatalities over the Easter holiday in 2023, with at least 225 deaths total. Speeding, careless driving, and drunk driving were the main contributors to accidents.

According to Justin Manson, Sales Director at Webfleet, Bridgestone’s Mobility company, Global Road Safety Week is a very important time for reflection and action in the transport industry. “It’s imperative that road users remain vigilant, exercise patience, and most importantly, obey the rules of the road to reduce the number of accidents, leading to devastating injury and loss of life, as well as huge expense,” he says.

“There are countless AI-based solutions that can pair with telematics to encourage safer driving behaviour and even create safer road conditions for other road users.”

This technology allows road freight companies to self-regulate by implementing driver management solutions that preserve road infrastructure, improve road safety, and increase productivity – which benefits the country’s economy. “Telematics solutions, like in-cab AI cameras, allow the industry to self-regulate by identifying risky driving and delivering real-time audio and visual warning alerts when the driver speeds, brakes or steers harshly. It also sends feedback to the driver and the fleet manager when engaging in distracted driving behaviour that endangers the livers of other road users,” Manson adds.