The seven types of electric vehicle driver

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common sights on UK roads and now experts have identified seven types of EV drivers.

Virtue Vultures, Night Owls and Range Worriers are just some of the types of EV driver  we’re most likely to encounter, according to experts

From the peacocking braggart who wants everyone to see their electric sportscar to the worrier whose car is lesser spotted due to constant range anxiety, we are seeing distinct types of EV owners starting to emerge.

And whilst some, like the Night Owl, might just be trying to charge their EV as cheaply as possible, others like the Free Rider are taking their search for cheaper charging to the extreme.

Tim Alcock from said: “After many years helping motorists across the UK find their perfect car and observing all the different types of drivers in the process, we are starting to see new breeds of drivers emerge as EV ownership continues to grow.

“Electric vehicles are challenging the status quo by making cars more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run and along with these new types of vehicles comes new driver personalities.

“We all know someone with some of the seven personality traits we have identified so it’s fun to reflect on who you know that might be a bit of a Range Worrier or a Wannabe and which one you are most like.

Here are the seven types of EV drivers as brought to you by

1. The Virtue Vulture

The Virtue Vulture cares about the environment above all things and don’t you just know it? If you get into a conversation with them about cars it won’t be long before the topic gets around to emissions ratings. When you apologetically tell them that you don’t know the emissions rating of your gas-guzzling abomination they will look down their nose at you before jumping in their electric vehicle to head off to the recycling centre leaving you left standing there in their emission-free wake.  

2. The Night Owl

Electricity can be cheaper at night between 10 pm and 8 am when demand for power is at its lowest, so no matter how tiring a day the Night Owl has had you won’t catch them in bed before 10 pm. When the clock strikes 10 the Night Owl comes alive. Witnessed from a neighbour's window, the night owl can be seen tiptoeing down the porch steps in bed socks and pyjamas, cable in hand, ready to take advantage of the savings on offer. The Night Owl is the ultimate penny-pinching EV owner who will go to any lengths to charge their vehicle at the lowest cost.

3. The Range Worrier

It’s easy to spot a Range Worrier because you will only ever see them driving their electric vehicle to the local grocery store and back for fear that will run out of charge and be left stranded with no way to get home. The Range Worrier will be the first to suggest that you do the honours for the long drive across the country while their shiny new EV sits safely tucked up in their nice warm garage. 

4. The Wannabe

On first impressions, it might sound like the Wannabe has just bought the latest fully electric vehicle, as the only things that come out of their mouth are how quiet their new car is when it pulls away from the lights or how cheap it is to run but don’t let them fool you - the Wannabe talks the fully electric talk but doesn’t walk the fully electric walk. They are so proud of their electrical status that the only way you will know that what they really have is a hybrid is when you catch them topping up with unleaded at the local garage.

5. The Electric Bore Off

If you didn’t know the intricate workings of modern electric vehicles before you went for that ‘quick’ drink with your EV-owning friend you will by the time you leave. Rather than discussing when the latest prime minister will be kicked out in disgrace or how Arsenal got on at the weekend, you will be bombarded with ‘interesting’ facts such as how an electric motor generates more torque, eliminating the need for a traditional transmission with the power going straight to the wheels for instant acceleration. The Electric Bore Off knows the location of every charging point in the country and can list all 15,500 of them on command.

6. The Free Rider

You know when you are at the home of a Free Rider because you can scour every inch of their property and there won’t be a charging point in sight. The Free Rider manages their entire world around not paying to charge the car themselves. They will only take jobs with complimentary charging points installed outside for employee use and when it comes to love, free riders seek out ‘compatible’ partners based on whether they have a charging point at their house that they can drop by anytime and use. To this end, male Free Riders can often be seen bragging about the length of their charging cable on well-known dating sites.

7. The High-Powered Peacock

The Peacock has never heard of a Nissan Leaf much less been in one. Like the animal that shares their name, this EV owner will spend most of their time displaying their bright and shiny pride and joy in front of you before strutting off with a satisfied look on their face. More often than not they won’t feel the need to lower themselves to talk to you about cars, but when they do be prepared to be told in no uncertain terms that their top-of-the-range electric sports car is not only better than your current run around but is probably better than any car you will ever own.