Clark expands electric forklift series with Li-Ion technology to include 80 Volt models
Clark offers operators a powerful and environmentally friendly alternative to IC engine-powered forklifts in both the 48 V and 80 V electric segments with load capacities from 1.6 to 5 t

Strong and clean with low overall costs

Clark has expanded the GEX20-30L and GEX40-50 electric forklift series to include models with an 80 volt lithium-ion battery (Li-ion), which further extends the product range in the segment of electric counterbalance trucks with Li-ion technology. The materials handling vehicles specialist offers operators a powerful and environmentally friendly alternative to IC engine-powered trucks in both the 48 V and 80 V electric segments with load capacities from 1.6 to 5 tonnes.

High handling performance thanks to high availability

The four-wheel electric forklifts GEX20-30sL and GEX40-50 with 80 V Li-Ion technology are available with load capacities from 2 to 5 t and are ideal for transporting heavy loads indoors and outdoors. Whether in industry, distribution or even in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where clean operation is important, the Clark electric forklifts with Li-Ion battery ensure high handling performance with low operating costs over the entire life cycle of the truck. The trucks prove their worth especially in intensive operations where powerful starting behaviour is required, fast loading and unloading is important at peak times or in operations where slopes or ramps have to be overcome regularly. Especially in multi-shift operation, however, where high availability is important, trucks with Li-Ion batteries show their strengths to the full. Here, the operator particularly benefits from the properties of Li-Ion technology, such as durability, fast and intermediate charging capability as well as freedom from maintenance.

A lot of power with low wear

Two travel motors in the parallel front drive, each with 7.8 kW power on the GEX20-30L and 11.3 kW on the GEX 40-50, together with the 80 V three-phase current technology, guarantee rapid acceleration and high thrust. The AC motors used are designed to be wear-free and very robust. They achieve a top speed of up to 18 or 20 km. The dual AC control is equipped with modern Mosfet and CAN bus technology. Three travel modes are available for energy-efficient use of the truck, which are individually programmable. Also adjustable are the wear free, regenerative braking with the engine brake and automatic speed reduction when cornering. Safe operation on sloping terrain or ramps is ensured by the standard ramp function. This prevents unintentional acceleration or rolling back of the truck and ensures that the operator always has the vehicle under control.

Li-Ion package from a single source

With the Clark Li-Ion solution, the customer receives everything from a single source – i.e. the Li-Ion battery, the battery management system (BMS) and the high-frequency charger. The battery capacity for all 80 V models in the GEX series is 560 Ah. The 80 V charger only requires a power connection (CEE 16 A plug) and fully recharges the battery in just 3.5 hours. The charging status is shown on the vehicle display. During the charging process, the display on the charger always shows the current charging status of the Li-Ion battery. The BMS has a safety cut-out.

The Li-Ion battery can be intermediately charged at any time and within a very short time, when breaks occur, without damaging the battery or shortening its service life. Approximately 6.25 % of the charge quantity can be achieved in 15 minutes. Li-Ion vehicles can thus be used around the clock without the need to change batteries. This reduces the downtimes that would be necessary for a battery change. Another advantage of Li-Ion technology is that the battery has a constant voltage during the entire operation. Full power is always available ⎼ even if the battery is already 80 % discharged. Operators can therefore not only increase their productivity with Li-Ion technology, but also save costs for maintenance, infrastructure and replacement batteries. This makes the investment in a Li-Ion truck worthwhile for all companies that want to operate a maintenance-free, long-lasting and fast-charging battery with a high safety standard.

Safe and durable

Clark Li-Ion batteries are based on safe lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology. With LiFePO4 batteries, no oxygen is released during the chemical reaction within the cells. This means there is no risk of spontaneous combustion or explosion of the battery. Vehicles with LiFePO4 battery perform efficiently even at very low and high ambient temperatures. With 2500 guaranteed charging cycles, the service life of the Li-Ion battery is at least twice as long, and depending on the application, even many times longer than the service life of a lead-acid battery. In addition, LiFePO4 batteries are more environmentally friendly than, for example, lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxides (NMC batteries), because these require problematic raw materials, such as cobalt.

Ergonomic operator workplace

Like the smaller models, the GEX20-30L and GEX40-50 models have a spacious and ergonomic operator's workplace with a generous footwell and plenty of leg and headroom. These models also offer a choice of comfort seats with air or mechanical suspension. The trucks can be operated either via adjustable mini-levers integrated in the armrest or via ergonomically arranged hydraulic levers on the vehicle bonnet. A change of direction is made via the steering column, the armrest or via a double pedal. The power steering ensures that the operator needs only low steering forces and few steering wheel turns when manoeuvring. The multi-coloured, high-contrast display provides information on all important driving parameters. Storage facilities for documents and mobile phones round off the workplace.

Tailor-made for the application

The Clark four-wheel electric forklifts with 80 V Li-Ion battery are available with extensive additional equipment. The optional equipment includes, among other things, different cabs, such as rain protection (steel roof), weather protection (steel roof and front windscreen), partial (steel roof, front and rear windscreen as well as PVC side panel) and full cab, mini-levers or mechanical levers, blue LED warning lights, orange safety belt, attachments as well as additional safety options.