EV Risks and Opportunities for the SA Auto Industry

As the CEO of AutoTrader South Africa, I have been closely monitoring the global transition to electric vehicles (EV) and its potential impact on South Africa's automotive industry.

While the shift to EVs poses some challenges for South Africa, it also presents a number of opportunities for growth and innovation.

The EV Impact on South Africa's Automotive Industry

According to the National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM), South Africa could lose up to 25% of our component exports due to the shift to EVs. I've maintained that one cannot compare an ICE vehicle to an EV and the whole supply chain has to be rethought. In fact, OEMs have to re-think the design and manufacturing process from scratch.

The EV market requires far fewer components than traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and many of the components required for EVs are not yet manufactured in South Africa.

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