Kuba Driver Safety DayKuba in partnership with JC Auditors, is proud to host a Bus Driver Safety Day on 9 March 2023, a day dedicated to celebrating and promoting safe driving practices among bus drivers. This stimulating and exciting initiative will be held at the Madodi Bus Depot in Polokwane.

Bus drivers play a critical role in ensuring the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road. They must operate large vehicles in a variety of weather and traffic conditions, often for long hours at a time. It is essential that they receive the training and support necessary to do their jobs safely and effectively.

On this Driver Safety Day, we acknowledge the importance of this profession and show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication of bus drivers. We encourage all drivers to take the time to refresh their skills, review safety procedures, and stay up-to-date on the latest technology and best practices for safe driving.

Kuba are committed to ensuring the safety of our passengers and employees. This initiative hopes to provide a resource to motivate, empower and help our drivers stay safe on the road. The day will incorporate free driver medical screening to raise awareness of driver health and wellness. The team from JC Auditors will talk to the drivers on the crucial importance of safe driving behaviours, including avoidance of harsh acceleration and travelling at a safe speed - with due consideration with the prevailing environment, such as traffic density, road conditions and wet weather. Of course, key defensive driver behaviours will receive centre stage in the quest to get the message across with the utmost impact.

As a token of appreciation and to motivate the drivers, a fully loaded goodie bag will be distributed to all those participating and will include caps, safety cards and healthy snacks.

We encourage other companies and organizations to consider similar initiatives that promote safe driving practices. By working together, we can create a safer, more responsible driving culture for everyone.