PEUGEOT E-LION Day, 100% electric 100% irresistible

PEUGEOT is on track to deliver bold targets for electrification:

  • 2023: every model in the PEUGEOT line-up will be ELECTRIFIED
  • 2025: PEUGEOT will have a 100% ELECTRIC OFFER

Announcing the PEUGEOT E-LION PROJECT. PEUGEOT’s approach to electrification is a well-researched response to the needs of a changing world.

E-LION PROJECT is the guiding philosophy to meet these needs in the next generation of PEUGEOT’s.
E-LION PROJECT is not only about electrification, it is a holistic project, a 360° approach based on 5 E’s

1. Ecosystem: our ecosystem of products and services, based on the STLA enablers,
2. Experience: the end-to-end customer experience, from charging to connectivity,
3. Electric: all of this is based on 100% battery electric - and our commitment to having a 100% BEV line-up by 2025,
4. Efficiency: our obsession with maximising performance, minimising kilowatt consumption (12.5 kWh/100km for E-208),
5. Environment: all with the end goal of sustainability and our commitment to achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2038.

LINDA JACKSON, PEUGEOT CEO: “E -LION PROJECT will define PEUGEOT’s strategy as an EV brand and ensure we stay connected to the pulse of society to deliver mobility that lives up to our brand values.”

PEUGEOT will release 5 new EVs in 2 years:

E-308, E-308 SW (first European electric estate), E-408, E-3008 and E-5008.
The electric 308 and 308 SW will be powered by a brand-new electric engine, developing 115 kW (156 bhp) and with a range of over 400 km (WLTP cycle). This offer is a no-compromise response, with segment-leading efficiency, with an average energy consumption of 12.7 kWh.

Announcing new HYBRID Technology

PEUGEOT is introducing new hybrid technology with MHEV 48v and we will have a strong roll out in this year with 208, 2008, 308, 3008, 5008 and 408. The PEUGEOT Hybrid 48V system consists of a new-generation 100hp or 136hp PureTech petrol engine, coupled to an unprecedented 6-speed electrified dual-clutch gearbox (E-DCS6) which incorporates an electric motor (21 kW). Thanks to a battery that recharges while driving, this technology offers increased low-end torque and a 15% reduction in fuel consumption (from 126g of CO2/km in 3008). In urban driving, a C-segment SUV equipped with the HYBRID system can thus operate more than 50% of the time in 100% zero-emission electric mode. It also allows you to drive in zero emission mode in urban use

Announcing the new generation of C-SUV

  • E-3008 Revealed in the second half of 2023,
  • Range will be up to 700 km, with 3 electric powertrains, including dual motor,
  • The E-3008 will be the first car launched with the new state of the art STLA Medium platform,
  • E-5008 following shortly after.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION play a pivotal role in the E-Lion Project and PEUGEOT's goal to be Carbon Net Zero by 2038

  • PEUGEOT’s new BEV-by-design line up will be supported by Stellantis tech platforms, providing an exciting base to develop future designs.
  • NEW PROPORTIONS - more flexibility and freedom to reimagine the overall proportions of the vehicle
  • NEW PERSPECTIVES - a totally new design language
  • NEW SPACE - rethinking the interior space and function
  • NEW GESTURES - steer by wire lets us explore completely new ways to control the vehicle. This has enabled the creation of the Hypersquare and the next generation of intelligent i-COCKPIT® with a completely new HMI to be launched from 2026.

The onboard experience is facilitated by STLA tech enablers.

  • STLA-BRAIN, the nerve centre and central intelligence of the car, loaded OTA
  • STLA-SMARTCOCKPIT, the correction to your digital life, on and-off board
  • STLA-AUTODRIVE, the future of autonomous driving

Collaborations with the world's leading pure players, such as Amazon and Foxconn ensure that new technology is always delivered in service of an amazing experience.

JEROME MICHERON, PEUGEOT PRODUCT DIRECTOR: “When our customers drive an electric PEUGEOT it is still undeniably a PEUGEOT first and foremost and that experience will always be our priority”.

PEUGEOT divides GWP (global warming potential) by 4 over the next 2 generations of vehicles.

Initiatives underway range from sourcing and supply chain strategies to the overall composition and structure of the car, down to the materials used:

  • Light and glass replace black and chrome,
  • Lightweight seats,
  • Recycled alloy wheels,
  • Focus on the use of recycled materials, including recycled alloy wheels
  • Global life cycle strategy when designing our next generation of products.

GLOBAL LIFECYCLE: In the future, the lifetime of a BEV car will be 20 to 25 years where today, with an ICE car, it is around 15 years.

This extended lifecycle is a great opportunity for designers to imagine new interactions with products during their lifetime.

The 4 stages of the Lifecyle Design approach:
1. Lifetime: the architecture which is designed to last 25 years, based on Stellantis platform and enablers
2. Refurb: the ability to refurbish and recycle key parts, including using recycled parts (see Sustainera)
3. Update: refresh key 'wear and tear' parts of the car (upholstery/trim) as seen in INCEPTION Concept, to make the car feel like new each time it changes hands
4. On demand: regular over-the-air refresh of HMI, lighting and other software-driven components to keep the car alluring (like the annual iOS update for your iPhone).

MATTHIAS HOSSANN, PEUGEOT DESIGN DIRECTOR: Imagine no more second-hand cars. Instead, a fresh and personalised car you can update or upgrade anytime, depending on your needs. An always up-to-date product that keeps its value throughout its lifetime.

A focus on minimising weight, waste and processing leads to ground-breaking techniques as showcased by the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT with the 4 'S's of sustainability:
1. Save weight (thinner seats, air quilted fabrics...),
2. Save waste (moulded fabrics),
3. Save resources (raw material finishes, no alloy, no chrome...),
4. Save energy (electric efficiency).

JEROME MICHERON, PEUGEOT PRODUCT DIRECTOR: “These developments herald a new era that is more respectful of our environment and allows us to offer our customers unique innovations that reinforce PEUGEOT's "Power of Allure".

When it comes to user experience: PEUGEOT's commits to BE INSPIRING, SIMPLE and ACCESSIBLE for customers

Be inspiring - beyond the cars themselves, PEUGEOT infuses the entire ownership experience with the Power of Allure.
Every EV experience aligns with PEUGEOT’s three values:

  • Alluring design - feline posture and the 3 claws light signature are hallmarks of PEUGEOT design
  • Emotion of instinctive driving pleasure amplified even further thanks to electrification, and the great responsiveness and agility of the i-Cockpit
  • Excellence through quality, efficiency and technology across the EV line-up 

Make it simple - by considering customer experience before, during and after the drive.
• Easy to buy: PEUGEOT launched the New 408 with the PHEV First Edition – one simple package that includes all options, including charging, available to buy online in a few simple clicks.
• Easy to charge: With Free2Move eSolutions charging at home is taken care of with a full end-to-end service for the installation of a home Wallbox - and charging on the go taken care of with access to the widest charging network in Europe (350k stations) through the e-Solutions Card. The tap and go RFID card covers multiple energy distributors and can even come preloaded with credit ready to use
• Easy to plan: the PEUGEOT Trip Planner app helps chart the journey and the best place to charge en route. A future solution will include special offers of food, shopping and activities located close to charging locations to optimise customers’ time while charging.

Address Affordability - with rising cost of living and inflation PEUGEOT are focussed on making the PEUGEOT EV experience accessible.

Two types of offers, just like your mobile phone:
• PEUGEOT As You Go: A pay as you go offer with monthly payments, based on a mileage allowance. For example, in France, the E208 starts from just 150 € per month including 500km. Customers can top up with additional kms as required, at just 7 cents per km. PEUGEOT are looking to expand this initiative across the line-up and across other markets.
• PEUGEOT Your Way: A single monthly payment includes the car lease, all servicing and maintenance, insurance and even charging. All of the costs of ownership in one simple payment. But unlike their mobile phone, customers won't be locked into a long-term commitment. If circumstances change, they can upgrade their car or simply hand it back.

PHIL YORK, PEUGEOT MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION DIRECTOR: “Considerations of EV ownership are evolving beyond the general principles of EV and into personal logistics. I am excited for our customers to see how we have addressed their needs with inspiring, simple and accessible solutions - all packed with the allure they have come to expect from PEUGEOT.”

PEUGEOT is on track to deliver its commitment to be Carbon Net Zero by 2038. In fact, they forecast reducing global warming potential by -60% WORLDWIDE & -70% in EUROPE by 2030

The Carbon Net Zero plan extends beyond 100% electrification to consider:

  • Materials used in product design and manufacture
  • The energy used
  • Incorporating products into a circular economy approach

The Circular Economy in society is about moving away from a ‘take, make, dispose’ approach to a circular approach for materials and goods. For Stellantis Circular Economy ranges all the way from how they design vehicles to last longer, then with increasing quantities of recycled material, and then how they repair, remanufacture, reuse and recycle cars and parts – the 4 Rs.

Add to that, reconditioning vehicles and parts and the retrofit programmes to convert vehicles to BEV all designed to extend life and they are up to 6 R's now!

Those in the Stellantis network can already see ‘remanufactured’ parts in the parts catalogues and can use this to offer affordable sustainable parts to customers.

Both business and private customers can see ‘reuse’ in action on Stellantis’ E-Commerce platform called B-Parts (currently available in 155 countries with 5.2m parts).

And customers will start to see the SUSTAINera label on CE plants. It is already on parts boxes and it will start to appear in vehicles. When customers see it, they can be confident that the production of that part has up to 80% less raw material and up to 50% less energy to produce compared to the equivalent part without recycled content.

LINDA JACKSON, PEUGEOT CEO: “Carbon net zero, is not three words, it's a mindset, an approach, one that we all need to embrace as organisations AND as individuals. Equally the E-LION Project is not a strategy and a ppt deck. This is a project that we are committed to delivering on because it is critically important for us and future generations.”