Challenger UK dashcam brand grows faster than more established rivals 

A leading automotive technology specialist has reported tripling their share of the UK dashcam market as Brits increasingly seek out higher spec features to protect themselves while driving.

Road Angel’s market share has rocketed in 2022, making the road safety experts the fastest-growing dashcam brand in the UK.

The dashcam brand has seen rapid growth across retail and B2B after-market sales in 2022 as both consumers and new and used car dealerships have opted for its dashcams in increasing numbers.

It is estimated that over a quarter of the 40.4 million licensed vehicles on UK roads now have dashcams fitted with ownership continuing to rise year on year.

Brits are turning to in-car cameras in these numbers as a way of seeing how they and others drive and are useful for finding out who is at fault in the event of an accident.

The quality of the footage, amount of built-in memory, and additional features such as parking mode are key considerations when Brits are choosing which dashcam to buy.

Features such as 4k UHD, dual front and rear cameras combined with the highest grade components have contributed to Road Angel’s dashcam growth in sales.

A further trend that has impacted sales is that consumers are increasingly looking for dashcams without screens to reduce distractions while driving.

In  2022 consumer champion Which? hailed Road Angel’s Halo Ultra dashcam, awarding it the coveted ‘Best Buy’ status for its superb footage, parking mode, and built-in memory.

Dashcams with better lenses, resolution, and night vision can capture more detail making them more effective at identifying who is at fault should an accident occur.

Road Angel’s position as the fastest growing UK dashcam brand is the result of growing sales across their product range, allowing motorists to buy dashcams from as low as £79, rising to £199 for the top-of-the-line model depending on individual need.

Motorists have reported product design, the functionality of the smart app, and user-friendly systems that are always reliable as central to their decision to choose Road Angel dashcams.

Contributing to Road Angel’s rapid growth has been a promotional pricing strategy that gives motorists access to high-end dashcams during a cost-of-living crisis.

Gary Digva, Sales & Marketing Director of Road Angel said: “Motorists are increasingly looking to protect themselves while driving and are looking for dashcams that can provide supporting evidence in case of an accident and other features that help them stay safe.

Our latest dashcams provide market-leading quality and performance at affordable price points for UK drivers.

We are delighted that both consumers and car dealerships have turned to Road Angel dashcams in 2022 and we have bold plans to continue to increase our share of the consumer retail sector next year.

B2B after-market sales currently represent the largest part of our dashcam business with sales significantly up year on year.

“But we have also seen significant growth in retail sales of our dashcams and there is a clear opportunity to grow retail sales further in 2023 as established dashcam retailers turn to Road Angel for solutions to grow the category.”