The World’s Most Capable All-Electric 4x4: Munro reveals further technical details of its first vehicle ahead of December 5th unveil
  • Munro Vehicles is set to reveal the world’s most capable all-electric 4x4, the Munro® MK_1, on 5 December
  • Innovative combination of state-of-the-art electric powertrain and robustly proven mechanical 4x4 driveline delivers world-leading off-road ability with zero tailpipe emissions
  • Axial flux electric motor delivers 700NM of torque, ensuring optimum response and control in all weathers and all conditions
  • 480mm ground clearance, 800mm wading depth
  • Exceptional axle articulation, approach, and departure angles
  • Capable of transporting a crew of five and equipment across all terrains
  • Designed and built in Britain, the Munro will be the first vehicle to enter volume production in Scotland in more than four decades

Munro Vehicles, a manufacturer of all-electric 4x4s, and Scotland’s only volume production car company, has released further details of the exemplary technical specification that enables its first vehicle, the Munro MK_1, to set new standards for off-road ability. Following a rigorous two-year test and development programme, the Munro MK_1 will be unveiled at a global launch event in Edinburgh on 5 December.

Munro combines a state-of-the-art electric powertrain featuring a superior, high-efficiency, high-torque axial electric motor with a robustly proven mechanical 4x4 driveline to ensure optimum go-anywhere-ability. The vehicle is further bolstered by 480mm ground clearance and 800mm wading depth, plus exceptional axle articulation, 38-degree approach, and 51-degree departure angles.

Highly utilitarian, the Munro MK_1’s world-beating off-road capability can be effortlessly accessed by expert and novice off-drivers alike. This further underpins the eminent suitability of the all-electric 4x4 for those seeking zero-emission solutions in sectors such as construction, agriculture, mining, environmental, emergency rescue, remote infrastructure maintenance, and recreation.

Munro CEO, Russell Peterson commented: “From the start, the Munro MK_1 was designed and engineered without compromise for ultimate off-road ability and exceptional longevity.  That is why we chose a single-central mounted electric motor that delivers power to a robust, proven and easily maintained mechanical four-wheel drive system.  The best way to drive off-road is to ensure that the same amount of torque is delivered to each wheel and that all the wheels spin at the same speed and that is always best achieved by a single power source and a single unified mechanical driveline.”

Hugh Roberts, director of off-road driving and training company, Far by Four, has assisted Munro with the MK_1’s development programme, much of which has taken place in the Scottish Highlands. Roberts commented on the vehicle’s driving characteristics: “We have subjected the Munro to extensive testing off-road. We have driven through deep water and glutinous mud, traversed steep terrain, mastered side slopes and axle twisters and effortlessly towed trailers and vehicles. A combination of prodigious electric torque, supple suspension and a rigid chassis makes the Munro an easy vehicle to place confidently without the need for excessive speed to clear technical terrain.”