Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.
Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.
  • A nationwide drive to offer the fastest response time
  • Significant focus on offering ease of access to customers
  • Support or Advice is now closer than ever
  • Dedicated WhatsApp Messenger chat number 012 661 3161

You are now even closer to Mahindra than ever before.

Yes, now you can “Reach out to Us” in just a click on your mobile by adding it on WhatsApp.

Mahindra has just added a dedicated WhatsApp Messenger channel for its fans and customers linked to its office number – 012 661 3161. This means that anyone can communicate with Mahindra, ask questions, give feedback or seek support with a few simple clicks.

With the new WhatsApp line, Mahindra gives its customers an assurance that it will respond within two to four hours to queries or support requests, as measured with its internal Response TAT (Turn Around Time). It also commits to the shortest possible TAT for the resolution of the enquiry, based on the complexity of the case.

The WhatsApp channel utilises a chatbot that quickly guides every person that makes contact through a quick series of questions to get the required support.

After this, the enquiry or support call is logged and delivered to one of the Mahindra team members, thus ensuring that the message is seen by a human – and the right one in the right department – as quickly as possible. Customers can also choose to chat directly with Mahindra representative to get their desired support.

The new WhatsApp Autobot channel is the latest innovation from the After Sales division of Mahindra South Africa to get closer to its customers.

This initiative is part of its #GreatValueGreatService promise to Mahindra customers. With this initiative, Mahindra and its dealer network is working to constantly improve its service levels to best serve its ever-growing family of Mahindra owners.

“In South Africa, we love WhatsApp, and we use it for business, family matters and for fun. Since we want to make it as easy as possible for our Mahindra customers to reach us, we decided to develop our own WhatsApp channel. We are also committed to ensure that anyone who makes contact with us on this, or any other Mahindra channel will receive the support or advice they need as quickly as possible,” says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.

For the past five years, Mahindra has consistently ranked among the fastest-growing vehicle brands in the country. Its popularity, fuelled by products such as the home-grown Pik Up Karoo range and the XUV300 – officially the Safest Car In Africa – has led to a rapid growth in customers and in Mahindra Clubs and fan pages.

“Unfortunately, the growth in Mahindra vehicles have also opened the door for impostors to create fake accounts or profess that they act on behalf of our Mahindra.

“We hope that the new WhatsApp line and the many other official communication channels available to our customers will crowd out any fraudulent channels and clearly signal our intention to customers – to be the most responsive and supportive brand possible,” says Rajesh.

With the addition of WhatsApp (0126613161), Mahindra now has all bases covered. Customers can phone on the same number, send an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), contact Mahindra on Twitter (@Mahindra_SA), Facebook and Facebook Messenger (@MahindraSouthAfrica), LinkedIn (Mahindra South Africa), Instagram (MahindraSouthAfrica) or the Mahindra Mzanzi App. Those who are so inclined can even send a fax (012 661 3179).

Lastly, Mahindra has a 24-hour Roadside Assistance Programme that is always available on 0861 6244 6372 (0861 Mahindra). All these details, and more, are available on www.mahindra.co.za/contact-us/.