Take the anxiety out of your road trip with the power of a reliable battery

The Easter holiday is one of the busiest times on South Africa’s roads, as families and friends head out to visit loved ones or explore the country’s beauty and discover hidden gems. Whether you're caravanning, powerboating, or jet skiing, chances are your mode of transport will need a reliable battery to get you to your adventure.

"Many motorists check their oil, wheels and petrol, but forget about their battery until it fails," said Murray Long, Managing Director at South Africa's leading energy solutions provider, First National Battery. "Almost 30% of cars need a new battery every couple of years. Therefore, we encourage motorists to check their vehicle and leisure batteries at least twice a year," he added.

Avoid losing your holiday spark because of a breakdown or being stranded on the side of the road or open water and look out for the tell-tale signs of a failing battery. Check that your battery is well-taken care of and ready for your adventure.

Batteries often fail when least expected, and they do so for several reasons. They can be old; a well-maintained battery lasts between five and seven years. Cold temperatures can cause irreversible damage, and if you don’t keep the battery fully charged every time you store them, they drain, and their lifespan is shortened.

Signs of a failing car battery

The signs of a failing motor vehicle battery are also easy to spot. Your car will be slow to start, the headlights may be dimmer than usual, or the battery warning light on the dashboard will switch on.

Choose the right battery

A car battery is not suited for a caravan, powerboat, jet ski, or golf cart. Use a high quality, reliable, and robust leisure battery instead, that will ensure all systems, such as radio, TV, refrigerator, and anti-theft systems, are operating as they should. And best of all, using the right battery for the application will correct irregularities in the power supply, keeping you and your investments safe.

Check battery regularly

Use a multimeter to determine the battery charge level. If it falls to 50% or below, charge the battery. If you allow the battery to run flat, you'll reduce the battery lifespan and will need to replace it sooner than you had planned.

TLC for the terminals

Check that the terminals are fitted securely and not covered in dirt or corroding, which can interrupt power flow. If necessary, apply a thin layer of vaseline to the terminals.

To top up, or not?

Ask the experts if how you should top up to make sure the lead plates are always covered. And remember safety first.

Take the anxiety out of this holiday season by taking care of the one thing you can control—ensuring a reliable and trustworthy battery for your leisure activities. Ask the trusted battery solutions provider to test your battery for free, or if need be, recommend the right battery to keep you safe on the road and make happy memories.