MasterDrive at Simola Hillclimb 2022

MasterDrive at Simola Hillclimb 2022

MasterDrive will again be joining the Simola Hillclimb this by year providing the safety vehicles that will assist where needed, in ensuring fast response to driver emergencies. The Simola Hillclimb is taking place from 5 to 8 May 2022 in Knysna.

During the 2021 Simola Hillclimb, MasterDrive provided the safety vehicles for the first time. The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explains: “We look forward to leading the cause of safety for the second year in a row. This will be done in our TrackMaster cars, the Ford Mustangs.

“Last year was full of new experiences not just because it was MasterDrive’s first year leading the safety response responders but because it was also the return of the Hillclimb after a brief hiatus during lockdown. The relaxing of the State of Disaster and COVID-19 restrictions means the spectators can again return to the event this year while still keeping COVID-19 restrictions and safety precautions in place.”

Thus 2021 was in many ways an experimental year not just for Simola Hillclimb but MasterDrive as well as they tested the market for a ‘performance brand.’ “Simola 2021 was an opportunity to showcase, not only our new brand but also the vehicles part of that course, in a way that demonstrates in a tangible manner our commitment to making a safer environment for road users – experiencing performance motoring safely should be available to all enthusiasts, not only through an OEM program.

“MasterDrive made the decision to invest in a fleet of Mustangs at the start of the program, without any factory support, and the response was overwhelming from motoring enthusiasts. This is a clear indication of the desire to experience performance motoring safely and illustrates how it should be available to all enthusiasts, not only through an OEM program," according to Herbert, “There is, however, an indication that vehicle manufacturers may have an appetite for involvement as there have been enquiries as to whether other brands are welcome. This is a performance driving program and as such it is open to all performance models and any manufacturers interested must feel free to talk to us.”

Thus Simola 2022, from MasterDrive’s perspective, is an opportunity to again brandish a safety message within a dynamic and exciting environment that allows drivers to have fun while doing this. “Join us in the combination of both safety and the ingrained desire to enjoy performance cars in one of the ways for which they were made.

“MasterDrive looks forward to another successful Simola Hillclimb. If you will be part of the audience this year, be sure to stop by and say hello to the team and cheer our drivers on as they lead in the safety cars,” says Herbert.



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