DACHSER wins the 2019 IMD Global Family Business Award

DACHSER wins the 2019 IMD Global Family Business Award

IMD recognized DACHSER for robust corporate and family governance structures combined with operational excellence and a focus on quality.

IMD Business School, a top-ranked global business school headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, awarded logistics company DACHSER with the renowned IMD Global Family Business Award. On behalf of the company and the founding family, Bernhard Simon, CEO of DACHSER, and Birgit Kastner-Simon, Corporate Director Corporate Marketing, accepted the award at the 30th Summit of the Family Business Network International (FBN-I) in Udaipur, India.

Awarded since 1996, the prize recognizes large, global, and multigenerational family businesses that are exemplary in uniting family and business interests, combining tradition and innovation with clear corporate social responsibility imperatives. A panel of independent experts finally selects the award winner.

“DACHSER is an outstanding family enterprise that has successfully adopted a comprehensive governance system balancing the influences of the family and the company,” commented IMD president Jean-François Manzoni. “DACHSER’s success is a testament to three generations of family owners who have built up one of the most sustainable family businesses anywhere in the world.”

“Quality is always delivered by people. That’s why we constantly strive to maintain a harmonious balance between global growth on the one hand and, on the other, the value system and the human dimension of being a family-owned company,” says Bernhard Simon, CEO of DACHSER.

IMD recognized DACHSER for its robust corporate and family governance structures combined with operational excellence and a focus on quality. DACHSER has stayed true to its core business and continues to stand out through strong values, sustained growth, and a truly global reach. It has also placed significant importance on innovation and sustainability in the area of economics, ecology, and society.

Quality is always delivered by people

“The IMD Global Family Business Award is a sign that we’re on the right track. DACHSER’s success is founded on a clearly defined mission and strong values that we live by every day. This ensures that everyone worldwide is able to understand our long-term strategy, and it puts the company on a secure footing for future generations. Yet another reason this award is very meaningful for me.” explains Bernhard Simon, CEO DACHSER SE.

Dachser in South Africa

With local offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town locally and a comprehensive international network, DACHSER South Africa, under the leadership of Detlev Duve, brings both local expertise and global coverage to address logistics needs. DACHSER South Africa has been operating in South Africa and on the African continent for 38 years. An integral part of DACHSER South Africa’s approach to intelligent logistics is to create maximum profitability for clients through the full spectrum of value-added logistics services, leveraging in-depth experience and understanding of the complexities of supply chain management and logistics on the continent in order to provide on-time, reliable and innovative logistics and freight solutions.

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