The LAB: 50 years of collaborative work between Groupe PSA and Groupe Renault to improve road safety

The LAB: 50 years of collaborative work between Groupe PSA and Groupe Renault to improve road safety
  • Formed in 1969 by the two French automakers, the LAB is a laboratory for accident analysis, biomechanics and the study of human behavior.
  • Its purpose is to observe, analyze and anticipate with a view to furthering road safety.
  • The LAB has helped decrease the number of road fatalities in France by some 80% within the last 50 years.
  • It brings together 20 road safety experts.

At the LAB’s 50th anniversary celebrations at its site in Nanterre, Director Stéphane Buffat said:

We are very proud today to highlight the endeavors of the LAB and its experts who work every day to improve road safety and help save lives. Our strength lies in our 50 years of expertise based on observation, analysis and anticipation. The LAB’s work helps make it possible for the various players in the automotive industry to design the technologies of tomorrow to continually improve safety for all.

In its 50 years of operation, the LAB has actively contributed to decreasing road fatalities. In France, the number has dropped from 16,881 in 1973 to 3,259 in 2018, representing a fivefold reduction within 45 years. The LAB is now more committed than ever to helping develop the technologies of tomorrow that will further reduce road fatalities.

The LAB, which is an EIG (economic interest grouping) and the only organization of its kind in Europe, is made up of safety experts from Groupe PSA and Groupe Renault. It participates in European studies, sharing its observations and analyses so that all stakeholders in the field of safety can factor them into their action plans.

Carla Gohin, Vice President, Research, Innovation & Advanced Engineering at Groupe PSA, said:

The LAB’s work is a real asset for us as automakers. Its data and analysis are essential in defining new technologies for ever more safety on the roads.

Sophie Schmidtlin, Alliance Global Director for Advanced Engineering at Groupe Renault added:

Road safety is a major issue for automakers. And we have the good fortune of benefiting from the LAB’s expertise as a unique global benchmark.