Renault - Standard comprehensive insurance across Kwid, Sandero and Clio

Renault - Standard comprehensive insurance across Kwid, Sandero and Clio

As RENAULT SOUTH AFRICA, we pride ourselves in marketing some of the most stylish hatchback vehicles in the industry  -  from the entry level funky KWID, to the ever-popular SANDERO and the striking - and oh-so-sexy Renault CLIO.

NOW, consumers can get #GetCloser to owning an attractive new Renault hatchback through our unprecedented ULTIMATE VALUE offering of 1 YEAR'S FULLY COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE across any of these 3 models.

We understand the impact these difficult economic times have on consumers in general, which pre-empted our introduction of this total PEACE-OF-MIND package inclusive of 1 YEAR INSURANCE, 2 YEAR SERVICE PLAN* & 5 YEAR WARRANTY.    [*3 Year Service Plan on CLIO]

Through this offering, we are supporting 1st time buyers and cash-conscious consumers to gain access to affordable mobility, by reducing the cost of total vehicle ownership.

This ULTIMATE VALUE offer across out sought-after hatchbacks gives Renault a strong competitive edge over our rivals in the industry. This competitive edge is further enhanced because Renault's insurance offer is far better than any other manufacturer's insurance offer. And this because of the distinct lack of some of their prohibitive terms & conditions, related to the terms of the driver's licence, tracking of driver behaviour and lack of car hire, to name a few.

In these turbulent economic times, the Renault complete PEACE OF MIND package, which includes comprehensive 1 year insurance, at least a standard 2-Year Service Plan and  5 Year/150 000KM Warranty, will certainly facilitate vehicle purchases by containing ownership costs.