Groupe Renault and Klépierre sign an original partnership for innovative mobility services in shopping centers

Groupe Renault and Klépierre sign an original partnership for innovative mobility services in shopping centers

In the run up to VivaTech, Klépierre, the pan-European leader in shopping malls, and Groupe Renault, the European leader in electric and shared mobility, announce a long-term partnership combining their strengths to offer innovative mobility services to their customers. This will reinforce their local presence in the heart of their regions along with their environmental commitments.


Renault MOBILITY will be offering a 100% digital shared mobility experiment starting in June in Klépierre shopping centers car parks at Val d’Europe (Paris region), Blagnac (Toulouse) and Bègles Rives d’Arcin (Bordeaux). Customers at these shopping centers will be able to benefit from an innovative carsharing solution accessible via the mobile app Renault MOBILITY*. The vehicles used in this experiment will be both internal combustion and electric to address different mobility requirements. Deployment will then be extended across France in the months to come. Renault Mobility is delighted to commit to this partnership with Klepierre, which makes a strong contribution to its aim of offering a mobility solution positioned as close to the needs as possible.

The « Charging Houses » offering

As part of their partnership, Groupe Renault and Klépierre are also developing multi-use charging hubs for electric vehicles, to be known as “Charging Houses”. These stations will be installed by Groupe Renault in the car parks of shopping centers located in high population density areas and will be used primarily by visitors during the day and residents at night and on weekends. Groupe Renault has developed a solution ensuring intelligent management of these hubs according to customers’ charging needs,, including the ability to reserve electric spots. The service will enter service in thirteen malls in France by the end of the year and will then be rolled out across Europe.

For Klépierre, the local solution available to visitors and locals addresses a major commitment to the regions where the Group operates: to involve local actors in development projects. The Group has also committed to equipping 100% of its shopping centers with electric charging stations by 2022.

An unprecedented partnership in response to new needs

Through this unique partnership, Klépierre and Groupe Renault are shedding new light on their complementary relationship. These offers address both the growing demand for new forms of mobility and environmental issues.

In shared electric mobility, cars address the changing needs of users and open up to new sectors of activity in the same way as Klépierre. With its aim to develop new mobility services that everyone can access, Groupe Renault has to offer services as closely as possible to users wherever they may be.

Similarly, Klépierre has been developing new services and uses that address its visitors’ expectations with responsible malls facing environmental, social and labor issues. Klépierre shopping centers are places for shopping, but above all for living, for meeting up, experiencing and sharing. They bring the city inside their walls and make ease of access a priority.

Groupe Renault and Klépierre plan over the longer term to develop usage cases jointly focusing on connected and autonomous cars, to enhance their service offering aimed at customers and to optimize the design of car parks and means of access, which will be significantly impacted by the advent of new types of vehicle.

 Groupe Renault has been pushing back the boundaries of its business for ten years in standing out as a leader in shared, electric mobility. Thanks to partnerships like the one we are forging with Klépierre today, we are pursuing our strategy of going beyond simple vehicles to offer a form of mobility that is easy to live with, accessible and sustainable and which already meets the expectations of our customers and heralds tomorrow’s mobility, states Gilles Normand, SVP Electric Vehicle, Groupe Renault.

We are proud to team up with Groupe Renault to offer our visitors and the people living around our shopping centers a new offer focusing on new forms of mobility. This contributes to the very ambitious commitments we made as part of our Act for Good® CSR policy in mobility and environmental protection terms and innovates in sustainable mobility in the regions where we are present, stated Jean-Marc Jestin, Chairman of the Klépierre Executive Board.

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