Getting your car ‘sale ready’

Getting your car ‘sale ready’

To get the best price for your vehicle in an online sale, Head of Key Accounts for Gumtree SA, Jeff Osbourne says it’s worth investing some time and money in preparing the vehicle properly.

“Just as everyone who is selling a property spruces up the place to attract buyers, so should pre-owned car sellers. Whatever you spend on the process, you’re likely to make back through a higher price.”

Osborne recommends this check-list to get your car sale-ready.

  1. Have proof of ownership and a valid licence disc available. If necessary, get a duplicate copy of the vehicle’s registration papers.
  2. Get a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) before selling your car and advertise that you have it. This adds value and avoids any hitches in the sale and any liability for selling a defective vehicle.
  3. Having a documented full-service history in the form of provides peace of mind to the buyer. If your car is due a service, get it done yourself and advertise the fact that the vehicle has just been fully serviced (keep the detailed workshop invoice to show what has been done).
  4. Tyres and bodywork. If you have the cash, replace worn tyres (and advertise the fact that the vehicle has new rubber) and repair any dents and scratches.
  5. Clean out all personal items and invest in a thorough valet of the body and a steam clean of the interior, boot and engine bay.

Pictures. Take decent photos, in good light, of your car - exterior and interior – for posting online. Have scans or photos of all your documentation available to immediately supply any interested purchaser.

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