SAPICS launches Demand Driven special interest group

SAPICS launches Demand Driven special interest group

Demand Driven as a phrase seems to be all the rage. Companies appear to be scrambling to become more demand-driven but do we really understand what this means and what is required?:

There are many ways to interpret being demand-driven but the Demand Driven Institute has formulated a methodology that is producing incredible results around the world.  It has also developed a network of passionate and committed users of this methodology from Columbia to Canada.

The intention of this special interest group is to provide the opportunity to explore and learn more about Demand Driven Materials Requirement Planning (DDMRP), discuss the reasons for the excitement that becoming demand driven arouses, the challenges on the journey to becoming demand driven as well as creating a community of those to whom this methodology is of interest.  We hope that the platform will be used for discussion and networking as well as growing the interest in the Demand Driven Institute’s constant and exciting research and development around this concept.

Please join us for the our first get together on 9th November at Barloworld Logistics from 08:00 to 10:00 for an introductory session and discussion on our current challenges related to DDMRP.

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