MiX Telematics invests towards the long–term prospects of small, black–owned fitment centres

MiX Telematics invests towards the long–term prospects of small, black–owned fitment centres

23 May 2018; Beame, a brand by MiX Telematics, announced plans to roll out its first Enterprise Development based, mobile fitment centre which will be exhibited at the South Africa Bike Festival, taking place at the Kyalami Grand Prix from the 25 – 27 May 2018.

While traditionally, the concept of vehicle tracking devices has been associated with motor vehicles, times have certainly changed - where motorbike theft has become more prominent in South Africa. In fact, a report* by the South African Police reveals that an average of 146 motorcycles or cars were stolen during the 2016/2017 period. As such, during the festival, motorbike enthusiasts will have the opportunity to have their motorbikes fitted with a Beame tracking device for free, through this mobile fitment centre.

The fitments will be done by the brands’ internal technicians who have acquired extensive training in this regard, and will be on hand to provide the fitment service on the day, compliant with Beame’s safety standards and protocols, to ensure ultimate asset protection.

This outreach is an extension of the overarching MiX Telematics transformation strategy, where three black owned fitment centres were recently empowered with resources to help them develop their businesses into successful operations. Part of this support involved the branding of their vehicles, which Beame came on board to provide.

“Driving transformation in our supply chain is imperative for us as a brand. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to help support and develop small black businesses, and this initiative is one such way that we were able to do this,” says Mariette Myburgh: HR and Transformation at MiX Telematics.

One of the businesses that has benefitted from the support received from MiX Telematics is Nordatrax, a 100% black owned Gauteng-based fitment centre that has been in operation since December 2016. The company has also been selected as the fitment centre of choice for the Bike Festival exhibition due to its level of professionalism. As part of this, Nordatrax will benefit from the exposure at the Bike Festival (at no cost) and have their branded motorcycles parked outside the mobile fitment centres to assist them in creating brand awareness and visibility among this key audience.

“Nordatrax is an excellent example of a small black-owned supplier that has gone from strength to strength. Its owner, John Makena, has truly demonstrated his ability to market and sell MiX Telematics' products and to help grow the brand. The assistance he has received has allowed the business to acquire assets and resources to cater for the increased demand and possible expansion of his business,” states Myburgh.

“I feel extremely honoured to have been selected by MiX Telematics as a supplier that they want to help develop and grow. While my business is still in its infancy, I have been able to make massive strides towards our long-term growth, largely due to the resources, including mentorship, that MiX Telematics has invested in our operation, which I am very thankful for,” adds John Makena, owner of Nordatrax.

“I am also particularly looking forward to taking part in this year’s Bike Festival, which is a massive opportunity for our company, and one that I believe will contribute positively to our future prospects.”

“Enterprise Development is an integral part of our business strategy and one that we pride ourselves on at MiX Telematics. For us, it’s about continuously investing in our supply chain, by supporting them with the resources that speak to their existing needs. As such, we look forward to witnessing the growth that businesses like Nordatrax will achieve in the future beyond this year’s Bike Festival,” concludes Myburgh.