Leading automotive businesses pledge their support for safer roads this Easter holiday period

Leading automotive businesses pledge their support for safer roads this Easter holiday period

Imperial Road Safety and Hyundai Automotive South Africa have committed their support for road safety on the Bakwena N1N4 toll road

Ahead of the 2018 Easter holiday period, automotive industry players, Imperial Road Safety and Hyundai Automotive South Africa, have once again partnered with the Bakwena N1N4 concessionaire to bolster road safety - in an effort to help curb road collisions and incidents during this period. This is the seventh consecutive year that the Road Safety campaign has provided cars to this worthy endeavour.

Berenice Francis, Group Commercial Executive at IMPERIAL, says: “While promoting safe behaviour to all road users is a year-round priority for us, we believe it is important to ramp up on these efforts during peak holiday seasons. This time of year is notorious for significant fluxes in commuters heading to various holiday destinations and regrettably also higher numbers of collisions and road incident related deaths. In fact, statistics from last year (2017) revealed that the national Easter road death toll increased by 51%* when compared to 2016, and as such, there is a need for initiatives like these in bringing road safety to the forefront.”

“Our long-standing relationship with Hyundai Automotive SA and the Bakwena N1N4 has not only allowed us to be directly involved in promoting a road safety culture among motorists, but has also allowed us to maintain a visible presence on the roads. In doing so, we have been able to help shift the mindsets of road users when commuting and also provide motorists with support during periods like these, which is paramount,” adds Francis.

Building on previous year’s support, Hyundai Automotive South Africa has again come on board as the official vehicle sponsor. As part of this partnership, the brand will provide 6 Hyundai Accents to the Bakwena N1N4 concessionaire that will be used between the 27th of March and 10nd of April 2018. These vehicles will be used by Road Incident Management Services to boost route surveillance, patrol and provide support and post–crash care over this period - which has proven to be highly impactful in the past, both in proactive safety and decreasing response times when incidents occur.

“The Minister of Transport, recently announced plans to increase visibility on the roads this coming Easter holiday period, to help curb fatalities. We commend the Minister and welcome this move, and also recognise the importance for the private sector to collaborate with officials, where possible, to help achieve this objective. It is our hope that through this joint campaign we’ll be able to provide much needed support to officials and that through their increased visibility on the roads that this will effect positive change in the behaviour of road users during this peak season,” adds Oscar Makola, Marketing Director at Hyundai Automotive South Africa.

Over this period, the Bakwena N1N4 toll route records some of the largest volumes of traffic nationwide, as many motorists make their way to various holiday destinations and religious pilgrimages. The increased traffic startlingly also results in higher incidents of vehicle collisions as a result of factors including; drinking and driving, speeding and general road negligence. To curb this, the Bakwena toll route will be working with Traffic Authorities stationed along the route to strengthen law enforcement and act on any form of irresponsible road usage – and to the benefit of all road users. 

Charmaine van Wyk, PR Officer for Bakwena concludes; “Road Safety is Bakwena’s priority. As such, we once again welcome the support that we consistently receive from Imperial Road Safety and Hyundai Automotive SA over the busy holiday period. This support allows us to double up on our patrol vehicles which effectively assists us in increasing visible policing, crash assistance as well as provide motorists with much needed support on the roads while travelling this holiday season.”


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