Living life in the Red Line with the MY18 Nissan 370Z

Living life in the Red Line with the MY18 Nissan 370Z

Sometimes, a car is a perfect example of its genre. The sum of its parts results in a creation that other vehicles are measured against and while the pretenders may evolve to be more acceptable and easy to drive, this car stays true its heritage. As Nissan South Africa launched the stunning next generation Nissan 370Z, which builds on the iconic Z-car legacy that began in the Sixties, we are reminded that this is the quintessential sports car for the simple reason that it bears the attributes of an exhilarating vehicle that allows you to live life in the red.

Rear-wheel drive coupé, a high-revving 3.7-litre V6 engine and a manual or automatic transmission. This is the essence of a sports car. The type of car that makes you happy when you open your garage in the morning to join the rat-race to work. The sort of car that blows your hair back even though it’s not a roadster. This is the new Nissan 370Z.

Nissan took the wraps off the new 2018 model year 370Z at the Festival of Motoring which took place on 1 September 2017 at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. The enhancements create a contemporary new finish to the coupé’s classic design as well as dynamic improvements including a sports-clutch from well-known performance brand EXEDY®.

“The heritage of Nissan’s Z-car series means unparalleled quality and performance, providing drivers with the quintessential sports car experience,” said Xavier Gobille, Managing Director, Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, Nissan Group of Africa. “The Nissan 370Z MY18 is no different and is sure to provide a thrill for the Z’s cult following as well as new customers who are willing to explore living life in the red – when you rev the engine, the Z can really show what it’s made of.”

Upgrades include metal chrome door handles and a black painted rear diffuser. The inside covers of the headlamps and rear combination lights have also been darkened – previously only available on the NISMO model – are now standard.

Every MY18 car comes with distinctive new 19-inch alloy wheels and a stunning new Red Metallic exterior body colour is also available.

The new EXEDY® high-performance clutch in the manual version of the 370Z MY18 perfects the downshift and reduces driver pedal effort to deliver even greater levels of gear change precision and comfort.

The Nissan 370Z’s premium infotainment system, featuring a seven-inch touch-screen, satellite navigation, DVD player, 9.3GB music box system and rear-view camera, is standard.

The 370Z MY18 retains all the features which have helped it become a highly desirable choice for performance car enthusiasts. Power comes from a 3.7-litre 245kW V6, driving the rear wheels via a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Optimum weight distribution and a refined suspension combine to deliver outstanding ride quality and dynamic handling for enthusiastic drivers. The 370Z remains the only car in the segment to offer Syncro Rev Control – the world's first fully synchronised down/up shift rev control system on a manual transmission.

Nissan’s Z-car success story began in the early Sixties and gained momentum with the launch of the famed Fairlady Z / Datsun 240Z. Five generations of successors have remained true to its spirit of high performance, timeless design and affordability.

Each model, from the original through the 280ZX and 300ZX, to the reborn 350Z and today’s 370Z, can be recognised by its distinctive long bonnet and short rear overhang.

The classic Z-car interior is always dominated by a simple three-spoke steering wheel and three circular gauges.

The Nissan 370Z MY18 is on sale now in South Africa starting at R661 900 for manual transmission and R680 900 for automatic transmission. The MY18 Nissan 370Z comes standard with Nissan’s 3yr/90,000km service plan and 6yr/150,000km warranty.

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