A treasure trove of classic cars at Creative Rides

A treasure trove of classic cars at Creative Rides

Creative Rides, a classic and exotic car dealership, has opened in Bryanston – and it’s more than just a show room. Home to more than 40 cars, Creative Rides is a true destination experience that looks more like an art gallery than it does a retail shop.

Founded by Kevin Derrick and Bryce Roberts, Creative Rides is a dream come true for these classic car enthusiasts, and they’re excited to share their love of cars with fellow devotees, serious investors as well as window-shoppers. “We want to build a broad community of automotive enthusiasts and through Creative Rides we can introduce both new and veteran collectors to the classic car world, offering an immersive experience,” says Kevin, the former CEO of Servest who has been collecting classic cars for the past 30 years.

Creative Rides specialises in American models but also carries several European beauties. The approximately 1200m2 show-room is home to models like Aston Martin, Mustang, Chevrolet, Porsche, Ferrari and Dodge, spanning from the 1940s to 2017 with prices that range from R150,000 to R5-million. There are also Café Racer motorbikes – beautiful, classic bikes that have been made “driveable”.

“Antique car collecting is a hobby practiced by people all over the world – and South Africa is particularly rich in older cars, so the car collecting culture is thriving,” explains Kevin.

So why do people collect old cars? For Kevin and Bryce, it’s the nostalgic value. Bryce grew up with a father who introduced them to vehicle restoration, and, as Kevin says, it’s in their blood. This is true for many vehicle collectors. “Many people see these beautiful cars as works of art that can take you back in time – literally. This is why our showroom can so easily be likened to an art gallery,” observes Kevin. “When these older cars were made, they were manufactured in a time when design was more important than function.”

However, many vehicle enthusiasts are seeking more than the emotional returns and it’s the financial benefits that are revving up car culture. “What’s better than an investment that gives you financial returns as well as the pure joy of ownership, of enjoying time spent and memories made while driving your investment?” asks Kevin.

Passion investing – allocating wealth towards collectibles – is quickly expanding into the classic car arena with the market for classic cars experiencing a consistent rise in value over the past two decades. According to the Historic Automobile Group International (HAGI) Index, classic cars consistently rise in value and have provided an investment return of 404% over the past 10 years.

However, Kevin cautions that not all cars are created equally and it takes deep knowledge of the industry to know which vehicles will appreciate in value. “Investment cars vary in price and returns, depending on their rarity and condition. Come spend some time with us in our showroom, bring your family, and ignite a passion for collectable cars. Chat to us about the cars you love – if we don’t have that particular model on the floor, we will help you source it,” concludes Kevin.

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