Maserati South Africa rated number one for customer satisfaction

Maserati South Africa rated number one for customer satisfaction

The hallmarks of an esteemed and revered automotive brand is best in class service where customer satisfaction is not only met, but exceeded. Getting this right means that a customer who makes a once-off purchase is converted to a lifelong, brand-loyal client.

So how can a brand get this right?

According to Domenico Cosentino, head of aftersales at Maserati South Africa, the journey doesn’t end with the car purchase, but actually only starts at aftersales.

“When it comes to service and repairs, customers value trust above all else. They want to know that their vehicle, which often requires a substantial outlay, not only financially, but also emotionally, is well taken care of,” says Cosentino. “Often, it is the smaller gestures and attention to detail that allow for customer satisfaction to be exceeded.”

Cosentino explains that Maserati South Africa works hard at ensuring that a world-class service is smooth, effortless and based on a relationship with clients.

“Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Maserati Aftersales,” says Cosentino.

Maserati South Africa is currently first in the European, Middle East, India and Africa region for customer satisfaction, with an overall satisfaction rating, as given by clients, of 96%. The Cape Town dealership obtained a score of 98%, while the Johannesburg dealership scored 96% in the recent customer satisfaction index (CSI). The CSI scores are obtained by Maserati Regional Office by means of a telephonic survey. There are roughly 15 questions consisting of booking process, welcome, repair, time, loan vehicle, communication, hand-over and overall satisfaction. The brand is therefore on-track to receive the “Simply the Best” award for the third-year running; an award that honours excellent after sales service and voted on by Maserati customers from 15 dealerships across the Middle East, India and Africa. Cosentino says this is yet another reason to trust the official Maserati Dealer network.

He adds that in a recession-prone economy, luxury vehicle brands have to move beyond the expected and offer something extraordinary to clients, to ensure their return.

“We strive to make aftersales much more than just a regular car service.  Our offering is smooth, effortless and based on the family-like relationship with our clients. We try to turn the mundane hassle of having to take your car for a service into an exciting experience, starting by offering our clients service levels that would not be expected,” concludes Cosentino.

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