The People’s Side Bae, Skhumba, introduces OLX Pre-Loved Parking Lot

The People’s Side Bae, Skhumba, introduces OLX Pre-Loved Parking Lot

SA’s renowned funny man, Skhumba Hlophe AKA “The People’s Side Bae”, has taken to the parking lot to share some tricks and hacks that can help car owners and soon-to-be drivers with their vehicles.

From his unique car washing technique to fuel saving hacks using just a R5 coin, The People’s Side Bae will, over the next few weeks, share his tips to help you set yourself economically free with OLX.

“I’m excited to announce that I am dedicating myself to helping you buy and sell affordable cars on OLX South Africa and set yourself economically free,” says Skhumba.

The fuel hikes affect the vast majority of South Africa. Week in and week out, there is always a petrol price hike threat to consumers. In fact, according to Central Energy Fund calculations, local consumers could be hit by another bombshell as early indicators are that the fuel price could rise by R1.14 a litre in October.

Skhumba sees this as a fun but relevant undertaking and encourages everyone to be part of the conversation. “As a servant of the people, I want to know what car conversations we should have? What questions are burning stronger than Durban curry? The Preloved Parking Lot is at your service!” he adds.

OLX South Africa says helping consumers make smart decisions with their money has always been their mission since the inception of their marketplace. “As a company, we are deeply invested in trying to ensure that people save as much as possible but still get what they need,” says Diana Mjojo, Communications Manager at OLX South Africa. “Skhumba is a great alignment to our vision because he too loves his people so much that he wants to see them prosper and set themselves economically free.”

The People’s Side Bae will be constantly sharing the parking lot tips on his social media channels. Be on the look out on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

See the first episode below:

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