How to future-proof your luxury car purchase

How to future-proof your luxury car purchase

The decision to purchase a new or pre-owned luxury vehicle requires a substantial outlay, not only financially, but also emotionally. It makes sense therefore to future-proof your expensive purchase. But how?

“If you look after your vehicle in the correct way from the moment you drive it out of the showroom floor, you not only ensure its longevity, but also futureproof it,” says Domenico Cosentino, head of aftersales at Maserati South Africa.

He adds that this is especially true of pre-owned luxury vehicles, as their resale value is at their optimum if taken care of by their owners and through the respective brand dealerships.

“It is how you look after it once you have signed on the dotted line that counts the most,” says Cosentino. “One way of futureproofing your purchase is to ensure that you have a good service plan and excellent warranty.”

Maserati SA is offering Maserati owners an extended two-year service plan for all Quattroporte Automatics from 2007 up to 2013 as well as all GranTurismo’s since the start of production.

“This Bolt-On Service package gives Maserati owners the opportunity to extend their vehicles’ longevity. It also futureproofs the service spend for as many years as each customer would like to extend it,” says Cosentino.

The package covers all specified replacement parts and labour inspections as specified in Maserati’s official service schedule, which, Cosentino says, is often overlooked when owners choose to have their cars serviced elsewhere, rather than at an official dealership.

Maserati SA recently upped the ante in the luxury car segment with its Certified Pre-Owned programme (CPO). The CPO allows for a minimum two-year warranty and a three-year service plan on all previously-owned Maserati vehicles sold in the last seven years from an official Maserati dealership.

“The CPO programme ensures absolute peace of mind for Maserati buyers as all cars undergo a 121-point check to ensure that the vehicles are in accordance with factory standards for service compliance. This is why there is such value in purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Maserati from an official Maserati dealership.”

Cosentino says that in a tough economy and competitive luxury market, this additional bumper-to-bumper warranty and comprehensive service package will give drivers even more value when considering the total cost of ownership.

And, with Maserati SA having recently been awarded the title of "Simply the Best" for the Best Aftersales division for the second year running, there is even more reason to trust the official Maserati Dealer network. The award honours excellent after sales service and was voted on by Maserati customers from 15 dealerships across the Middle East, India and Africa.

“We strive to make aftersales much more than just a regular car service.  Our offering is smooth, effortless and based on the family-like relationship with our clients. We try to turn the mundane hassle of having to take your car for a service into an exciting experience, starting by offering our clients service levels that would not be expected,” concludes Cosentino.

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