Extremely rare 1960 Jaguar XK up for Sale

Extremely rare 1960 Jaguar XK up for Sale

A rare Jaguar XK dating to the era of their greatest Le Mans successes has gone up for sale on Gumtree. The car is one of the 89 DHC 3.8 S’s produced by the brand, and is particularly rare as it is a right-hand drive.

The XK 150 was castly different in style and performance to the XK140, with a straighter wing line, widened bonnet and single wrap around windscreen. The wooden interior was replaced with a leather clad dashboard.  Dunlop developed disc brakes on all four corners of the car, which was revolutionary at the time. A new cylinder head was added to the engine, which produced 210bhp. The S-type was given triple 2in SU carburetors to up the power even more.

Nunben Dixon, Head of Gumtree Auto, says that the car is of real interest because “of the era that it captured.”

“America was producing large V8s and Jaguar needed serious power to compete. It was seen as a matter of British pride. It was a very exciting time for the manufacturing industry and real innovations were made.”

Over its 13 year run the XK revolutionized the sports car industry and put Jaguar on the map as a real contender in the global manufacturing industry.

This specific car was brought to South Africa from Zambia and given to John Bird to restore. It was sold again in 2013 and restoration was completed with a respray of the original color, new spoke wheels and some refurbishing of the engine bay.

and the car was resprayed in its original color, new spoke wheels were fitted.

It holds a British Heritage certificate also been entered in three Jag Councourses, winning two and placing second in the third.

It is up for sale for just over R3-million on Gumtree.