MEYLE spare parts: „From Race Track to Road“

MEYLE spare parts: „From Race Track to Road“
  • With professional data analysis for the development of new parts
  • MEYLE-PD brake pads developed and tested in Truck Racing
  • Control arm prototype for the perfect drift

All MEYLE motorsport cooperations focus on the transfer of know-how. The performance analysis of car parts under extreme conditions provide the Hamburg-based manufacturer with valuable insights for the further development of its products. In return, MEYLE's engineers will be at the teams' side as technical partners on the race weekend and in the workshop.

In racing, top performance is demanded of all chassis parts; all parts must withstand particularly high loads. The transfer of know-how is therefore at the heart of every MEYLE motorsport commitment. The knowledge gained from the races is incorporated into the manufacturer's own parts development. "At MEYLE, we take the importance of technical cooperation literally. We don't want to be a financier, but want to ensure that our customers can supply their customers with better parts. For this reason, we are involved in a wide variety of racing series in order to be able to cover the entire bandwidth of the necessary data: in sprints, long-distance races, drifting and truck racing," says Marc Erdmann, engineer from the chassis and steering division at MEYLE.

MEYLE has already been a technical cooperation partner in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship for many years and the MEYLE product portfolio is growing. All findings from day-to-day racing and endurance tests are incorporated into the development of new parts and the optimisation of the truck range. MEYLE will continue this commitment in 2019, contributing to the technical equipment of the approximately 1,000 hp MAN race truck of the team SL TruckSport 30 with high-quality MEYLE parts.

MEYLE-PD brake pads bring even the thickest truck to a standstill

Since 2018, the new MEYLE PD brake pads have been available for the first time as parts developed in cooperation with a racing team. The new MEYLE-PD brake pads bring even heavy trucks to a standstill: with the aid of a special friction lining compound that has been tested in multi-stage processes, braking performance can be improved and braking distance reduced. The new brake pads are manufactured according to the ECE-R90 standard and are adapted to the enormous loads in truck racing and daily road traffic. They are supplied with all assembly materials for quick and cost-effective replacement.

"Even if racing for trucks is likely to remain the exception, it is good for our customers to know that our MEYLE brake parts, for example, can easily keep up everywhere," says Erdmann. "Our goal was to develop brake pads that meet the high-quality standards of our customers and, of course, the racing teams. The new brake components can easily cope with any driving situation - we tested this intensively on the race track."

Front axle prototype for the perfect drift

When drifting, the chassis and steering components in particular must deliver maximum performance. In order to withstand the extremely heavy loads and minimise wear, these components are specially developed to ensure control during drifting and to enable the desired oversteer.

At the Essen Motor Show 2018, MEYLE presented the prototype of an individually developed front axle, which emerged from cooperation with the professional drift championship DRIFT UNITED: the complete axle geometry is a truly unique specimen, which MEYLE engineers developed specifically for the individual drift vehicle and expanded through extensive tests on the drift track. In addition to the axle kinematics, the MEYLE suspension and steering experts also designed axle components such as control arms, tie rods, steering gears and wheel carrier connections to meet the specifications and heavy demands of drift sports. Among other things, the shape and length of the wishbone was adapted to the special requirements of drifting.

Further information can be found at https://www.meyle.com/en/performance/.