What makes a racing driver the perfect racing sponsorship package?

What makes a racing driver the perfect racing sponsorship package?

The champion that would win this award hands down is Brett Garland of Garland Racing

Working in sponsorships, and running events, sponsorship, PR, and advertising companies all my life and working with huge corporate clients over many years and running many local and international sponsorship programs. The most successful example being Camel which ran their sponsorship program for 42 years in South Africa benefitting from an extensive local program to their massive international program. There were also many other sponsorships that the company and team looked after in that period.

“We had a very successful team that would research, evaluate, and test all sponsorships, and continually monitor each and every sponsorship weekly, monthly and put a value to the coverage achieved,” said Digby Wesson. So we knew what we were doing, and what to look for be it events, championships, teams or drivers/riders.”

Over the 5 decades there was always some sponsorships that stood out head and shoulders above the rest, individual drivers or riders that were streets ahead of the field, that spend a good part of there time looking after the sponsors needs and going that extra mile to get the maximum coverage, awareness, and continually looking for promotions, interviews, events and appearances all of which takes up a huge amount of time and effort not always easy for a part time racer that also has a 8 to 5 job.

Terry Brand of AutObarn SA has this perfect Gem driver in Brett Garland, after working with the team and company for going on 3 years, never have I had the pleasure to work with a driver that does so much for his sponsors and is so active online, for the sponsors’ brands and products, doing a huge job promoting, selling, displaying, testing and running events for his sponsors. Not only as a sponsored driver but one of the best Brand Ambassador’s I have ever met.

Brett Garlands work never stopped for his sponsors in between races he was running the most successful Face Book program for his sponsors, running events, promotions, displays, attending events and shows, dealer openings, his pre and post-race reporting to supply copy on time was outstanding making a PR teams job a lot easier at the same time arranging a up to date photographic service and never missing a deadline. It was like having a race driver, promoter, salesman, marketing manager, PR man all in one package. How he found the time to do all this, race, hold down a job and keep the sponsors and the marketing team happy is truly amazing. To top it all Brett Garland is a great and very capable race driver, getting the ongoing results, success’s, awards and winning championships year after year for his sponsors.

The man is liked by all, the media, his fellow competitors, organizers and officials, he is also the perfect gentleman, always offering to support and help others even when he is up against all odds.

After having the pleasure to work with Brett and the AutObarn team for last 2 years and experiencing this for myself to me this is the perfect package for a sponsor and outstanding team member.

“Brett does not only rely on excellent results to gain exposure for his sponsors, he actively promotes all his sponsors on social media, at events away from the tracks, examples are his Fun Runs, Cancer Awareness Campaigns etc,” said Terry Brand MD AutObarn SA “As stated Brett is a fantastic Brand Ambassador for our sponsors and the company.”

Looking at the Garland racing stats over the last few years the results are all there from 148 race meetings of 2 heats each he has achieved the following in his short career.  

148 Races in total:

49 x 1st place - 33.11%

47 x 2nd place - 31.76%

34 x 3rd place - 22.97%

5 x 4th place - 3.38%

3 x 5th place - 2.03%

2 x 6th place - 1.35%

1 x 7th place - 0.68%

130 x Podiums - 87.84%

11 Non-Podiums 7.43%

7 DNS/DNF 4.73%

Other awards and achievements

2011 – Class A – 4th and Rookie of the year, 14th Overall

2012 – Class A – 4th and Crowd Pleaser, 7th Overall

2013 – Class A – 2nd and Kyalami Lap record, 3rd Overall

2014 – Class A – 1st and Index Winner, 1st Overall

2015 – Class A – 2nd and Crowd Pleaser, 7th Overall

2016 – Class A – 1st and Crowd Pleaser, 7th Overall

2017 – Class A – 2nd, by 1 point, and Index Winner, 4th Overall

2018 – Class A – 1st, and Index Winner, 3rd Overall

This is a pretty good result for a race driver that’s has only been competing for 8 years

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