View some of the most spectacular motor racing ever staged in South Africa on RetroRacingRewind Face Book

View some of the most spectacular motor racing ever staged in South Africa on RetroRacingRewind Face Book

Go to RetroRacingRewind/videos on Face Book and get sample of the best motor racing ever filmed in SA.

The Glory Years of South African motorsport (1990 to 2006). View it on Face Book and then get it all for an affordable R480 annual fee. Modified Saloons /Wesbank V8, Production Cars / Stannic Group N, Touring Cars, Superbikes, Rallying, Formula Ford, Formula Gti, Sport Prototypes and VW Polo Cup

All this famous motor racing footage was rescued and digitised by the legendry TV motorsport producer Rob Weightman, investing in the latest equipment from overseas to save and convert over 525 racing programs and over 200 hours of the most spectacular racing ever recorded covering all classes and all categories.

“I viewed a number of the sample video clips on the RetroRacingRewind/videos Face Book pages and it was totally mind blowing, the most exciting racing I have ever seen, I had really forgotten just how good these races were,” said Roger Mc Cleery. Every clip I viewed showed some of the best and most competitive racing, stacked with spectacular crashes and incidents, one has got to view these action-packed video clips, to want see more and become a member to be able to view all this outstanding footage,” said Mc Cleery.

What Retro Rewind has done and achieved, has saved SA motorsport heritage and the best racing ever to be staged in this country. “All this had to be done as these old Beta cam video tapes don’t last forever and eventually go off and cannot be viewed,” said Rob Weightman founder and creator of Retro Rewind Online streaming club. All this footage is now available for all to view for an annual fee of R480 your registration & financial contribution will ensure more tapes will be converted to digital files which will be added to the existing catalogues.” said Weightman.

Retro Rewind and Retro Racing are now looking for one exclusive partner who will get total ownership for the Retro Rewind program, this will include the exclusive branding, copy and logos on the web site, Face Book and coverage in all the ongoing marketing, and PR programs, giving this one partner/sponsor exclusive ongoing coverage for a very affordable monthly fee, packages are available from R28 000 to R38 000. Retro Rewind are also open to any negotiations on this partnership as there could well be some more exciting options available for joint partners, multiple brands, or products. The new Retro Rewind’s web site and Face Book pages are also available for banner advertising

Individual race fans wanting to become members can do this all online by going to www.retrorewind.co.za and follow the instructions, this will also ensure that the programs are made available to them and saved in a digital file format for posterity. The annual fee gives members 12 months of un-restricted cyber viewing. One can also communicate with Retro Racing Rewind on Facebook and view some exciting text and video clips which will give them a preview on the race footage that is available.

Members can view all the top SA drivers in action like Hennie vd Linde, Tony Viana, Ben Morgenrood, Willie Hepburn, Mike Briggs Chris Aberdeen, Grant Mc Cleery, Shawn & Etienne van der Linda and Deon Joubert, added to this many of the top older drivers are still very active and racing successfully today, such as Sarel van der Merwe, Scheckter, Morgenrood, Moss and Hepburn.

“Past sponsors would benefit such as Wesbank, Castrol, Shell, Total, Sasol, Firestone and the leading manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, VW, BMW, and Nissan etc to get involved as the branding is all still on the cars, on screen, on the drivers and the track bill boards around the circuits, for the very affordable cost of R28 000 to R38 000, these companies could own a piece of this giving them massive ongoing coverage that really never ends year after year,” said Roger Mc Cleery.

Viewer contributions will be used to digitize more tapes, grow the archives library, and secure the safe keeping of this historical Motorsport video footage.

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