Motul makes a huge commitment to the SA Springbok Vets MX team

Motul makes a huge commitment to the SA Springbok Vets MX team

Motul makes a huge commitment to the SA Springbok Vets MX team competing in the Int. MXDN World Championship event at Farleigh Castle in the UK IN Sept

The Motul Oil and lubrication group has a reputation in the market place for their most innovative and technically advanced products. The brand also leads the way internationally with all their motorsport sponsorship and development in all the major categories covering motor racing in both two and four wheels. Their involvement in world championship events, leading premier race events, dominating the various world championship series in every major category is massive.

They quickly made a name for themselves in South Africa with their brand, stamping their mark on all motorsport, picking up ownership on many key events and leading the way with their huge technically advances product range.

“It’s a huge honour to have Motul as a sponsor for the team not only are they great partners but they have the best brand on the market,” said Ryan Hunt Multiple Motocross National Champion, International GP Rider, Springbok and World MX Vet champ. They are also a good brand to have onboard, as they understand motor racing better than most other partners and they are a hands-on operation getting involved and always on there to assist.” said Hunt

The team made up of three Springbok Motocross riders and multiple National Champions. This colourful South African team for this historic event consists of 55-year-old, multiple SA National Motocross Champion, ex Grand Prix and Springbok Tony Riddell, 46-year-old Ryan Hunt Springbok Protea award winner and past previous Pro Veteran winner plus international GP rider, multiple SA national champion with four decades of SA National titles to his name is also a long-term team sponsor with his Tork Craft brand.

49-year-old Collin Dugmore Springbok, multiple SA National and German Champion and ex Grand Prix rider with many years of international experience on the tracks in Europe joins the team for the first time, Dugmore who now lives in Germany runs a popular motocross school and still rides competitively. The fourth rider is 39-year-old Andre David the youngest of the team members and certainly has the credentials to be in the team, he was based in the UK for several years competing in the British MX2 and MX1 Championship, the British 2 stroke series, and numerous events in Europe and the USA. Taking up the 5th team spot is the team manager and sponsor Gavin Williams Global ASP, who has supported the team and this event for many years, he is a motocross bike collector extraordinaire with a huge collection on mint condition race bikes, which he supplies to the team each year. He is a big fan of the sport and particularly the Farleigh Castle event

“We have our most reliable sponsor Motul getting even more involved this year,” said team manager and sponsor Gavin Williams Global ASP. Not only will they supply us all their much-needed equipment at the track such as the oils, lubes, and maintenance products, but they will also sponsor all the teams motorcycle race bike graphics, plus the MX race tops. Most importantly this year they will cover the cost of the TV flighting of the South African teams post 26-minute documentary feature film on 2WheelsTV / SuperSport,” said Williams.

Motul joins the team’s sponsors, RwandAir, Tork Craft, World Net Logistics, Global ASP, SLFC, Adam Duckworth UK and 2Wheels TV.

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