Hot Rod Racing Richards Bay Motorsport Saturday 26 September

Hot Rod Racing Richards Bay Motorsport Saturday 26 September

Another Awesome Racing Event.

I shot more than 3000 Photographs of this event and will be putting up a big batch +-200 on Facebook very soon watch this space.

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Wesley and I shot up to Richards Bay for this Special event.

I was the Official MPSA Motorsport Photographer for the Event.

The weather report for the event was very uncertain as there was a heat wave in Durban Friday then massive wind in the afternoon.

Heavy rain was predicted for Richards Bay Saturday afternoon.

Early Saturday morning we loaded Wesley’s Golf with all the Cameras and lots of RAIN Gear.

Heavy Black rain cloudy all the way from Durban to Richards Bay but no rain.

As per usual we were greeted by very friendly faces on arrival at the Richards bay Track.

We knew the Rain was coming so we immediately put up the Gazebo and got prepared.

I took a quick walk through the Pits to see which drivers were present.

I was very pleased to see a huge turnout with most of the Top Drivers and their awesome race machines were present.

I grabbed my camera preceded to the Centre of the track and managed to get some excellent motion blur racing shots of the morning practice scission.

The Race day was very overcast totally grey with little sun which is not the best for colour photography; however I am always up for a challenge.

The big Black Clouds started to roll in, the wind got up strong and it started to rain.

Wesley and I battled to stop the Gazebo from blowing away.

Lots of extra tie down rope and concrete blocks saved the day.

Half an hour later the rain stopped and I was again out taking photographs.

The drivers were very enthusiastic with non-stop practice scissions.

The rain came down a total of three times but no longer than half an hour each time.

The evening cleared up nicely and the wind dropped.

Then the serious racing started.

The racing was very competitive in all the categories.

A lot of the time the track was wet from light drizzle which made for some excellent very exciting action shots.

Some the top drivers were showboating with some spectacular awesome Power Drifting, very exciting.

As per usual the extremely fast accelerating Mazda rotary Hot rods stole the show.

Four and five cars abreast through the turns, what a sight, what a sound.

Camera on full motor drive.

The huge extremely bright flames from the Hotrod exhausts lit up the complete stadium.

Definitely thumbs up from me.

Another very well run, well organised event Richards Bay, thank you to Michelle Loosemore and her very hard working team for the invite and event.

Definitely beats staying at home watching all that total shit on DSTV.

Most of the Films on DSTV are pathetic extremely POOR Quality filming with over Acting I would NOT go see then even if they gave me Complementary Tickets.

The very same pathetic advertisements 30 times a day on DSTV extremely annoying.

DSTV is an insult to my intelligence.

I cannot wait for the next Motor Racing event.

Wesley and I are working very hard on the Photographs which will be up very soon.

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