Volvo Trucks’ new safety system to protect cyclists and pedestrians

Volvo Trucks’ new safety system to protect cyclists and pedestrians

Volvo Trucks will be introducing a new safety system to detect other road users entering the blind spot on both sides of the truck.

In busy traffic situations, it is difficult for even the most experienced driver to perceive everything around the truck. Using a dual radar on each side of the truck, the system detects when other road users, for example cyclists, enter the risk area.

“An accident can happen in a split second. Our extensive accident research is based on decades of studying real-life situations, and this new safety system helps the driver to prevent potential collisions,” said Anna Wrige Berling, Traffic & Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks.

When someone is in the blind spot zone, the system, called Side Collision Avoidance Support, informs the driver via a red light on the relevant side mirror. If the driver indicates a lane change via the turn signal, the red light starts to flash, and a warning sound emits from the side of the potential collision. The driver is alerted and can brake the truck, allowing for example a cyclist to pass.

“At Volvo Trucks, our long-term vision is zero accidents, and safety is at the core of everything we do. This new system is another example of our efforts to accomplish these aims,” said Anna Wrige.”

The new system will be available globally on the Volvo FH, FM and FMX with diesel, gas, and electric drivelines, starting in in Europe in September 2022. The Volvo FL and FE models will get the new safety system in 2023.

South Africa will see the introduction of these new systems on Right Hand Drive models early in 2023, once the necessary calibration equipment has been installed at Volvo Trucks’ production facility in Durban. Volvo Trucks South Africa’s Euro 3 models will have one radar on the passenger side, while the Euro 5 models will be able to accommodate the system on both sides.

Volvo Trucks South Africa already offers a Passenger Corner Camera as standard, that has visibility down the complete passenger side of the vehicle. In addition, there is an existing Lane Change Support radar technology in its current line-up, although it doesn’t detect stationary objects. The new Side Collision Avoidance Support will be an upgrade to this system to offer an even safer driving environment for truck operators.



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