Join our complimentary September webinars

Join our complimentary September webinars

A friendly reminder to give you peace of mind relating to AARTO - for any one in SA with a drivers licence or who have staff who must travel for work.

Also a reminder to register for a short and powerful POPIA Webinar for anyone working with other people's information and anyone who takes their own personal information serious.

Upskills Academy is the number 1 online e-learning academy used by companies to train their staff on matters of legal compliance, including the POPI Act.

Upskill Academy runs the PCCA.org.za (POPI Compliance & Certification Authority) website. Upskills Academy aims to uncomplicate complicated matters via their online training.

Click on the dates below to register for each event. If you cannot attend on the day, register anyway and we will send you the replay!

Our first Understanding AARTO Webinar:

Now is the perfect time for your company to update policies, change your traffic fine management process and train your staff before the demerit point system comes into effect.

If you don't understand AARTO, have any doubts or questions then this session is for you.
Understand the implications to your proxy, drivers and company by joining this session.

POPI Act Webinar

 What is “really” the deal with this whole POPI Act story?

We have all seen mails about deadlines and threats and fines and who knows what else...
The fear-based marketing from those that can “help” is off the charts.

What is the impact on compliance of POPIA: Cond 7 "Save Guarding Data - A responsible party must secure integrity & confidentiality of personal info..."?

But we are responsible citizens and what to abide by the law - so let us have a good look at the “why, what, where and how” about the POPI Act.

Join our Webinar to see how you can assess your compliance free of charge.

Join Upskill Academy for both 30 - 45 min webinar sessions, each followed by a 15 min Q&A - and let's discover the facts - the truth.

If you have any doubts about anything related to POPI or AARTO, join the Upskill Academy webinar with guest speaker Hestelle van Heyningen, for an overview and update on these topics and how they can assist you, if at all.



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