Saving a Tonne in Mining Tyres

Saving a Tonne in Mining Tyres

State-of-the-art Grab Truck allows mining operators the flexibility and functionality they need to keep working

Heavy industrial mining, forestry and construction operations are set to enjoy enhanced efficiencies through Bridgestone Southern Africa’s (BSAF) state-of-the-art tyre maintenance grab trucks.

In a total investment of R10 million, the two speciality vehicles have already been deployed, to mining, construction and industrial customers across South Africa, vastly enhancing their safety and productivity.

“The mobility and versatility of the Stellar grab truck is an extremely important enabler for operations that rely heavily on earthmoving equipment, particularly in mining, where downtime can have a major impact on production outputs,” says Walter Roux Operations Manager for Bridgestone Mining Solution Centre’s. “The incredible machinery makes the process of replacing tyres much faster, keeping machines productive and available for longer.”

Each vehicle can easily pick up off-the-road (OTR) tyres with a maximum weight of 6 tonnes and a wheel size of 63 inches. These are some of the most sophisticated grab trucks currently active in South Africa.

The units are manipulated using advanced wireless controllers, that allow the operator to keep a good view of what he is doing, vastly safer than older manual processes often that placed people’s lives in danger. This is especially vitally important to ensure our focus on safety standards at mines and on work sites.

“The grab truck service is one of many Mobility Solutions provided by Bridgestone in our efforts in becoming a trusted partner in the mining and construction industries. The service frees customers from having to make a substantial investment in equipment they might only use a few days of the month. They can then focus on their core operations while we take care of their mobility needs.   



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