Europe's most expensive toll roads revealed

Europe's most expensive toll roads revealed

Whether you’re planning a summer road trip across Europe, or just looking to drive to your next holiday destination, swapping crowded airports for the open road is a great opportunity to discover more of the countries your visiting.

However, when considering a driving holiday there’s plenty of additional costs to consider, petrol, ferry travel and overnight accommodation are some of the more obvious, but you may not have totalled up the cost of using the toll roads on route.

Northgate analysed 44 countries, looking at toll roads, bridges, and tunnels, to reveal the most expensive routes in Europe.

  • France revealed to have the most expensive toll road in Europe costing £52.59
  • The Great St. Bernard Tunnel connecting Italy and Switzerland, is the most expensive tunnel at £22.85
  • It costs £6.44 for drivers to cross Denmark’s Storebælt bridge
  • ¼ of European countries including Finland, Estonia and Monaco have no tolls at all
  • The total cost for HGV drivers to drive the Marseille toll in France is £305

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