New Logo, New Focus for the RFA

New Logo, New Focus for the RFA

It’s clear, it’s focused and it stands out! The new logo of the Road Freight Association (RFA) tells a story and reflects the new leadership and new focus the Association.

Explaining the thinking behind the new branding, RFA Chief Executive Officer Gavin Kelly said: “Our new logo is aligned to our Code of Conduct, our Values and our Vision and Mission. In essence, it depicts what the RFA stands for and what its objectives are.”

The new logo comprises five icons reflecting the key focus areas of the Association, as well as its tagline ‘Without Trucks South Africa Stops!’ The five icons are:

  • Green: Road freight needs to operate in an environmentally “aware” way. Being ‘green’ is not just about vehicle emissions: it’s about packaging, energy any resource required to operate. We need to take the environment into account in everything we do.
  • Smart: Focussing on doing freight logistics in a far more efficient manner – whether it’s designing and refining vehicles to move payloads more efficiently, designing better return load capacity or ensuring more skilled drivers. Working smart is about maintaining high standards, using resources optimally, reducing costs and being efficient.
  • Safe: Safety applies to the entire operations – drivers, on-vehicle employees, vehicles, cargo securement, storage and health. Assets and cargo need to be protected against crime.
  • Legal: We need to be compliant in everything that we do and adhere to all legislation relating to transport, anti-competitiveness, professional service delivery, company registration, labour requirements and more!
  • Freight: This is our bread and butter – it’s why we are here. Within this lies our drive to keep the country going, providing benefits for our Members, ensuring we support them in sustaining their businesses and supporting them in along their journey to success!

The development of a new logo involved a number of activities – including a design competition amongst Members. This, combined with some online research and the examples of other successful identities around the world, led to the concept of the logo.

Says Kelly: “It was time for a change – the RFA had not modernised or changed its logo for decades. It also made perfect sense, given our new focus and leadership within the Association. However, our strong tagline remains – without trucks, South Africa stops!”