Latest Whipple Blower Gives More Performance To SRT Jeeps

Now built with the new Generation-3 Whipple supercharger, RGMotorsport's Grand Cherokee SRT8 upgrade is even more impressive.

RGMotorsport opens up a can of Whipple-ass…

With Whipple’s third-generation blower bolted in place, RGMotorsport’s Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 6.4 Hemi upgrade produces a Trackhawk-whipping 546kW and 928Nm - enough to propel the burly SUV to 100 km/h in an estimated 3,6 seconds and to a top speed of 290 km/h.

That’s the news from the country’s foremost proponent of aftermarket supercharging and with dozens of blowers fitted to American-based V8s (including 20 Mustangs) they have all the experience needed to claim pole position. And with the latest Generation 3 Whipple unit nestling in the V of the Grand’s eight cylinders, power is delivered in a more refined and effortless manner than before.

There’s more outright grunt too; changing to the latest forced induction technology upped power from the 520 kW previously available, with torque climbing by almost 60 units.

The impressive headline numbers are also thanks to a full RGM-Techniflow dual 76mm stainless steel exhaust system along with ceramic-coated headers to blast out the hot gases inside the pipes with minimal delay. An ECU software download comes straight from the Whipple factory and is fine-tuned by RGM's team to suit our climate, fuel, and conditions.  

Each car is optimized on the company’s four-wheel-drive dynamometer and, finally, road-tested.

RGM’s full-house upgrade costs R268 700 including all management hardware and software, and a 76mm stainless steel Techniflow exhaust system with ceramic-coated tubular headers. All RGMotorsport upgrades include a six month/20 000 warranty, with extended warranties also available.

V8 owners interested in being blown away and bowled over can find out more about RGMotorsport and their conversions at www.rgmotorsport.com or phone them on +27 11 792 8352.