Opinion piece: All eyes on driver safety in the petrochemical industry

Opinion piece: All eyes on driver safety in the petrochemical industry

Gain visibility, reduce risk

The petrochemical transport industry is set to benefit immensely from recent developments in dash cam technology. Intelligent and connected, individual tankers are brought together into a consolidated, manageable video-connected fleet. With a choice in connectivity, fleet managers can get full visibility over every journey with front and driver-facing integrated, full HD cameras capable of streaming video with less than a one-second latency. These eyes are supplemented with smart sensors capable of recognising unsafe driving events using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision, identifying driver distraction or drowsiness and unsafe driving behaviours, assisting drivers with audio and visual alerts.

While the driver receives an in-cabin alert, an email notification is sent to the fleet manager, and a 10-second video clip of the event is sent to the cloud for storage. This real-time alert gives the fleet manager the ability to respond to any potential incidents or accidents faster than ever before. Having the advantage of time can make all the difference, especially when tankers enter unsafe circumstances, like a protest, or natural disaster. Emergency response can be dispatched quicker, in order to avoid loss of life and damage to property.

Improve safety, improve efficiency

Integrating easily with existing third-party management solutions, dashcams provide fleet managers with real-time GPS tracking and tracking history of multiple vehicles viewable on a map, with point-by-point location information such as date, time, speed and driving events. Making use of a powerful yet simplified cloud dashboard, fleet managers have the added productivity power that comes from managing multiple tankers from a single screen, made accessible from any device, without the need to download an app or install software. With performance reporting and behaviour analysis into every driver, fleet managers now have technology that provides full visibility into the leading causes of preventable accidents. This makes it possible to reach new levels of safety and efficiency in order to optimise fleet performance. By simply improving driver behaviour, it is possible to reduce fuel costs and vehicle maintenance expenses resulting in savings to the company.

Real-time awareness

Traditional driver monitoring systems have now been taken a step further. With the ability to instantly review near misses, collisions, harsh driving events, distracted driver behaviour, cargo status, driver and passenger conduct, it’s possible for fleet managers to have real-time eyes on their tankers out on the road. Thanks to complete visibility, better control, faster response times and increasingly intelligent functionality, petrochemical transport companies will find modern cloud-based dash cam solutions a welcome safety measure for both driver and cargo. With low upfront hardware costs, predictable annual subscription fees and easy scalability, the right dash cam system can make all the difference in ensuring each hazardous journey is concluded safely.

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